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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Joe!

Today is my husband, Joe's, birthday. We knew that this week would be very busy and some of us would be out of town most of today, so we had an unplanned and quick birthday party for him one day last week. The kids got out left over birthday party napkins (football theme) and put a football and my husband's old football jersey on the table for decoration. We only had about 15 minutes to get ready and 30 minutes for the "party", but it worked. He was very surprised!

The kids and I wanted to get him a box made that he could use for their goat show supplies. My dad found a man that would build it for me. Isn't it neat? Joe is going to paint it sometime, but it's going to be very handy for him.
Happy Birthday, Joe!

1 comment:

Brandi Sue said...

Did you run outta candles?? haha j/k :) Happy Birthday Joe!!!

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