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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Zachary's 21st Birthday & Time Capsule Opening

What a fun time we had Saturday!  My parents came to town Friday night, and my mom, Zachary, Lauren, and I spent all day Saturday cooking for Zachary's 21st birthday. The 21st birthday in our home is special because the kids get to open their time capsule that was made at their 1st birthday party.  So for 20 years that sack that was his time capsule has been safely stored away.  I've never even peeked to see what was put in any of them, so it's always exciting to me, too!  

Lauren bought Zachary a yummy cookie from a shop in Oklahoma City she had made with the Italian flag on it. She gave it to him on Friday.  We gave him a special book, which I'll tell about towards the end of this post.
Originally Zachary wanted to cook all of the food for his party, but in the end he decided it would be easier for him if we all helped! It worked out perfectly! He chose Italian food, which was great because he and Lauren spent three weeks there in May (which I haven't yet blogged about, but need to!).  I'm usually not one that likes the food I've cooked all day. I guess just being around it all day makes me not like it, BUT this time I have to agree with those who said - it was all delicious!  Everything just seemed to go right, and turned out like it was supposed to (yippee!).  
Most of the decorations I had for this theme, but was really excited to see the "Hunts" brand of large tomato sauce at Sam's. Mine were so old and had been in the garage and gotten too hot, I guess.  The red cans make it extra cute!
Walmart had these red and white plates in a "picnic" section, but worked great. I ordered the Italian flag napkins from Amazon. 
 The traditional "cousin" picture.  The little ones are second cousins. They make parties even more fun!
My mom made two chocolate pies (Zachary loves that one she makes) so we would be sure to have enough dessert. Zachary had requested that I get a church friend's banana pudding recipe for his main dessert. We put candles on it!
And then it was time for the time capsule opening. I remember using slick paint on that sack at the last minute before his 1st birthday party thinking I should have done something different - more special. But I didn't let myself change it, either. It was fine!
 There were lots of special things in the capsule.  A red wagon from Grandma (my mom) that had a message of how she pulled Zachary in that wagon a lot when she kept he and his siblings a few days in the summer when I worked part time.
 An extra special handwritten letter from his great-grandpa with his first wedding band in it.  Oh, I wish that grandpa was still alive to have seen this, but how neat that he has this memory and keepsake.
 A plate and napkin from his first birthday party. The candle was in their too. I should have used it for the "1" of "21"!! (But I had no idea it was there! Ha ha!).
 A letter and pictures from family members.  It was fun ready them and looking at the pictures.
When Zachary was born one of my friends gave me a scrapbook keepsake book. I kept it up well and it was something special that just he had.  It tells funny sayings that he would say. I enjoyed reading that again. 
 The book we give them when they turn 21 is the words of the book "Just in Case You Ever Wonder" by Max Lucado. The words are put to pictures of them growing up.
It was a LOT of work, but I'm proud of it and know Zachary will be, too.  I loved looking through pictures of him. It brought back so many memories and tears of joy, happiness, and a little sadness at how fast it's gone.
And I love the main point of the book - that we taught Zachary about God...about Jesus....about Heaven.
Another special thing was in the time capsule. This book. I wrote a letter to him in it - a really long letter. I'm not sure he's even read it, yet! Ha!  And I had letters that I wrote to him each year.  Some will be blog posts that I print out.  And two years were missing for some reason. I got a little overwhelmed a few years and had a hard time keeping up. It seemed like I was always writing and maybe I just didn't do them??  I don't know. Hopefully they'll show up. If not, it's okay.  

I'm not sharing a picture of it, but one thing we did last week was watch the commercial we made for Comanche County Memorial Hospital about Zachary being born and having Group B Strep.  The commercial was good at the time, but they made it waaaaayyyyy close up so our heads are HUGE! And I have on way too much makeup!  But Zachary and Lauren looked cute :).  It didn't show Jacob, although he would have been born at the time.

Then the party was over.....

On Sunday, Zachary's actual birthday, Mom and Dad were still in Tipton. We all went to Bible class and worship, then had a quick lunch before they headed back to Texas and we left for Texas....visited the DFW area for a few days for a quick vacation trip.  We worshiped at Roanoke, TX, then at in Carrolton at Babe's. A fun and delicious ending to Zachary's special day!

Dear Zachary,
When I think of you celebrating your 21st birthday, my heart is filled with pride.  God allowing me to be your mother has been one of my biggest joys of life.  After always wanting a big brother - or any brother - it was fun having a boy! I'd never been around boys other than my dad, grandpas and your dad, so actually being around a little baby boy and raising him brought all new experiences in my life!  And I have truly loved every minute of it.

I'm writing your letter a few days late, so it's a Wednesday. Just tonight at Bible class, you taught about two miracles of Jesus - Him healing the woman with the issue of blood and Jairus' daughter being brought back to life.  As you taught, I just kept thinking about your wisdom and knowledge for your age.  I know people think it's our doing (your dad and I), and I hope and pray that we have taught you a lot and you did learn a lot from us, in reality I know that a lot of what you know you have learned on your own - by digging into God's Word yourself.  That's what it should be and that's one thing I love about you.

As you attend college and learn in classes, I know that you are doing what you can to shine your light for Jesus in any way you can.  In a small way, but something that I have seen you do, is that you get to know people. You learn their names. When I've been with you on campus, you speak to them and say hello to them. You do what you can to make them feel like you care.  I can't remember what you said exactly, but I remember you saying you were specially trying to learn people's names and say their names.  You know....that is something people need to hear and you are doing that.  That one thing made a big impression on me. It's something I need to work on myself.  You teach me things all of the time.

You're so mature for your age.  I thank God for what He has done in your life and how He is molding you into what He wants you to be.

This summer has been special for you and for us.  We have had you here, which I never would have thought possible. You've worked at the children's home helping organize and plan events, camps, etc. You've directed QMCC camp session with your dad for the 3rd year, baptizing someone for the first time and influencing many others who are on their own spiritual journeys.  You've gained knowledge in your future career, but been an asset and helper to all who needed you here - especially to your dad.

I'm going to miss you when you go back to college, but am also excited about your junior year.  You've made it a goal to have lots and lots of people in your apartment.  Hospitality is important to me, and I think all of our family feels that it's important. It's so great to see you willing to open up your college home to reach out to others.  They will be thrilled! :)

Zachary, all that your dad and I wanted for your future was to know that we loved you and for you to be a faithful Christian and a worker for Him in the Kingdom.  You are doing just that.  There's nothing more to say.  All I can say is that I love you and am proud of you.  Most importantly, I believe you are doing God's Will.  You have Him at the center of your life.  I pray that He is always the center.  If He is, all else will be okay.

I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always. Now and forever my baby you'll be.  MOMMA (You call me Momma. Not all the time, but often. No one else does :) )
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