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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Army of THE One - VBS 2011

V.B.S. starts this morning!  I'm so excited!  Our theme this year is "Army of THE One".  We have our VBS for three days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).  I will be teaching the 1st & 2nd graders and expect to have around 15 students.
This picture is from the door way and is what the students will see when they arrive in the classroom.
These little "Privates" are their attendance markers.  Each child will draw their eyes, nose, and mouth on their person this morning and will add a gold star sticker each day they attend.  I've already added hair to the girl "Privates" that I know will be there.  I may have to make more for others that come (which is great!).  These were made by purchasing shirt-shaped paper party plates and foam head shaped.  The hats are made from camouflage napkins.
This is another view, from the back corner of the room.
Each student will receive a camo hat, a VBS t-shirt, a blank notebook, and a camo dog tag.  These items will be taken home at the end of VBS on Thursday.  The blank book is used as a journal for them to tell the story each day.  Today's story is "Joshua and the Battle of Jericho". The will write about it, but also I have some little pictures copied off for them to glue in the journal.
The wall to the left is the "Armor of God" wall for Thursday's lesson. The right wall will be used today.  I'll show more pictures in tonight's post, but the boxes at the bottom that make the wall will be used for the children to build their own wall to be knocked down.
This little paratroopers were party favors, but I couldn't figure out how to do the parachutes that came with them!  I bought them thinking they were ready-made, but they weren't.  I had bought some natural coffee filters because I liked the color of them, so switched out the white, plastic parachutes with these coffee filters.  Instead of traditional "armor", these soldiers are holding different words that go along with our stories for the week:  courage, trust, faith, truth, salvation, righteousness, etc.
As a cute addition to the room, gold stars with glittered dots at the points are scattered over the walls.  Glitter paint is also around the black-coloring-book-style pictures on the walls.  I'll show more pictures of that throughout the week.

VBS is an exciting time for children.  It works out well for our VBS to be the week after school is out each summer - typically beginning the day after Memorial Day.  Sadly, the other day as I was looking for some room decorations, I mentioned to a lady at a store that I needed the item for VBS.  She replied, "What's that?"  I said, "Vacation Bible School".  I don't think she had a clue what it was.  That made me sad and I should have talked to her more about it.  Instead of being shocked and sad, I should have used the opportunity to teach and talk about Jesus.  Lesson learned:  lost opportunity.

I'm looking forward to teaching the children this week about God, about his promises, and about His Word and His Son!  I'm thankful for VBS and for those who take the time to help with it and who take the time to bring their children.  It's going to be a great week!


~%NowBaptized%~ said...

Hi! My Sunday School class has the same army theme. Where did you get the mesh canopy hanging from the roof. And do you know the name of it? It's exactly what we are looking for! Thanks!

Lori said...

Hi! I wish I had kept it and would have been glad to send it to you, but I've made myself quit keeping EVERYTHING :). I think it came from Oriental Trading, but now they aren't showing. I finally found a site that has it in stock:
Hopefully they will still have it when you order it! Seems like everyone else was out of stock. Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day. Lori

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