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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Teacher of the Year 2011

Each year, at the end of school, the annual Teacher of the Year Reception is held at the Tipton Home cafeteria. The school committee responsible for the event makes plans, collects donations for gifts for the recipients, and orders the cake(s). For the past seven or so years, I have been asked to decorate for the reception. It is something I enjoy doing - and especially enjoy trying to make the decorations "fit" the person who has one the award.
The more difficult task, though, is that our school also is over a juvenile center in Manitou and there is a "Teacher of the Year" selected from their faculty, as well.  I usually try to find out a little bit about the person, but sometimes that is hard.  To add to all of that, this year the committee decided to give a "Support Staff Person of the Year" and decided to keep it all a secret!  This made my decorating job more difficult, but it was kind of fun to be different, too.
An "Oscar" theme was chosen - mostly because it went well with our school colors of Vegas gold and black.  After a few weeks, it was announced that Mrs. (Coach) Tyler was the Tipton "Teacher of the Year".  Since I know her well and three of my children have had her for a teacher/coach, they helped me with ideas to personalize her table.  My children suggested Elvis and basketball.  Elvis went with the Oscar theme, so I asked a friend if I could borrow some of her items.  Just look at her Elvis memorabilia! 
As a special treat, "Elvis" (a.k.a. Mr. Kincannon, our high school principal) flew in (Yes, he IS alive! That very topic was debated in Coach Tyler's English classes earlier in the year.) to give Coach Tyler her award.  Congratulations, Coach Tyler!! (She doesn't too coach much now, but once a coach....always a "Coach"!! :)
So, for the Manitou teacher, I wasn't sure who it was until a few days before the reception.  She had taught my daughter in 4th grade and all Lauren could remember was that Mrs. Willis liked flip flops with flowers!  Another teen aged former students also remembered that Mrs. Willis liked shoes!  One of them also knew she liked basketball, so I went that route.  Didn't really go with "Oscar", but made it more personal for Mrs. Willis.  Congratulations, Mrs. Willis!
For the new "Support Person of the Year" award, not many people knew at all who had been selected.  I didn't even know until a little bit before the reception.  Why keep it a surprise?  For the suspense, of course, and also because if our sweet and efficient high school secretary had known she was receiving the award, she wouldn't have shown up!! :).  Mrs. Masoner is very deserving of this award and our school really wouldn't be the same without her.  She loves working with the students and teachers and her attitude and smile are blessings to all who know her. Congratulations, Mrs. Masoner!
One of Tipton Schools' hard-working employees is also a talented cake-baker/decorator.  Gloria made four star cakes for the reception.  They were beautiful and delicious!
With the "new" things the committee decided this year, little did I know that one of the new things involved me.  As another new award, the committee decided to have a "Volunteer of the Year" award and I was the recipient!  All of the school teachers, employees and probably most of the students know that I love my "job".  I love helping them with the fun things - parties and meals and decorating.  I have truly been blessed by God to be able to help and do things for the school. I thank Him for that blessing.  Thank you for the award, Tipton School staff!  That was very sweet and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
The end of the reception marks the beginning of summer break for Tipton Schools.  We're all excited about that!  Have a great summer, everyone!


Donna said...

I hate to comment, but you are very deserving of this award!!!!!!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

How nice it is to be appreciated! Makes your "job" even more fun! Congrats!

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