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I am a wife and stay-at-home mom of four (1 girl and 3 boys, ages 14 to 22). We celebrated our 27th anniversary last summer.  Southwest Oklahoma is where we call home.

My passion is in teaching ladies' Bible class on Wednesday nights, speaking at Ladies' Days and Ladies Night Out events, and also presenting lessons for Ladies' retreats and Bible workshops, and planning ladies' events.  My daughter also speaks and it has been very special being about to hear her speak to women from her younger, but very mature, perspective.  She's much more mature at 21 than I was - and I was married! 

I've taught Bible class to all ages of children - from babies' class, children's class, and teenage girls' classes many times over years.  Each time was a rewarding and faith-growing experience. I learned the most teaching young children as a young mom, but now have grown a stronger and deeper faith while teaching ladies' class.  The best way to learn is to teach.  The teacher learns more than the students she's teaching!

My family enjoys teaching and helping with Vacation Bible School and other church activities, helping with our Bible Camp (QMCC...Quartz Mountain Christian Camp) where my husband and son direct a session the week around July 4th, and with the Tipton Children's Home, where my husband serves as Director.  He also serves as a deacon for the church. We are blessed with a large number of wonderful Christian role models and service opportunities in our community!

Apart from church-related activities, I have served as our elementary PTO president for 17 years and also serve as our local 4-H leader. My hobbies include decorating for showers, weddings, parties, and other events. I like to cook and make up new recipes and host a recipe and craft blog at  I post the recipes that work out and ditch the rest :).

My husband and I began a Facebook page called "Parents After God's Own Heart" in May, 2013. Its purpose is to encourage parents to parent intentionally, as well as to raise up their children up in the Lord according to His Word. The Facebook link is:

My goal in life is to serve God and strive to live in the example of His Son, Jesus, in order to "Shine Like Stars". My prayer is that, in some small way, by visiting my blog, you will find encouragement to SHINE ever day, as well!

Thank you for visiting my blog :). I look forward to hearing from you!
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