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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Which One Are You?

Today I was going to Sam's Club. I happened to get behind someone who was actually "parking" in the walkway area so that their party could unload the basket in the trunk. I got too close to be able to move and someone was behind me, so I was stuck. The Salvation Army bell ringer even went to help the young man unload his basket into the trunk to hurry things along. I was amazed at the lack of respect from the driver of the car and the young man. Now maybe the driver was handicapped or something. That could be so. But the young (teen or young 20 year old) was in adequate shape to walk a short distance to the parking lot had the driver chosen to park in a real spot. Years ago this would have aggravated me! Today it just made me kind of sad.

On the way out of Sam's Club, when I was driving off, an older lady was parked in a handicapped spot and trying to unload her basket. A young couple (early 20's) stopped to help her unload her basket, put it in her car, and took her basket for her. This one made me smile.

Now for a few questions concerning both of the stories above:
Which one of these stories is closer to how you are?
Are you aware of the fact that people watch you and watch your reactions/actions - and assumptions are made (whether right or wrong) depending on those reactions/actions? Do you care?

Some of the best ways we can show Jesus living within us is in the small, everyday things of life. Our walk must match our talk for His light to shine in our lives.

 In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you may be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us. 
Titus 2:7-9

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2015 Senior Christmas Party

Last week we had our oldest son's Senior class's Christmas party.  They ate out at a Mexican food place, toured a nearby town's Christmas lighting display, and then came back to our house for gingerbread house decorating. Afterwards they used fun Christmas photo props for some funny photos.

While not every classmate chooses to come to the get-togethers, we're thankful that so many of the class does. I remember telling this group their last year of elementary school (when I would do their school parties like I still do), "Some day you'll look back and be glad you did these things...childhood memories".

Some may think these kinds of things are silly, childish...who knows what, but I know that these kids are really young adults who are about to embark on an adult world....and a little fun and special times making these kinds of memories is something these young people will never forget! We're just glad to be a small part of their fond memories, and pray that when they are in our presence they know we love and care for them. Because we do!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Santa-Themed Elementary Christmas Party 2014

It was pretty strange preparing for the elementary Christmas party this year - realizing for the first time ever that I didn't have an elementary student, myself! However, being a year older and in middle school didn't keep the "big" 6th graders from stopping by to see Santa! In fact, a lot of the older grades stopped by for a class picture with Santa!  I told them they would be glad they had done so when they put together their own Senior class videos and have these kinds of pictures.
The elementary students made cute little handprint Santa ornaments this year.
 Thankfully I had a great group of helpers for this center! I didn't have to worry about anything!  They had it all taken care of and organized. That's a good thing since I didn't pay attention to what the directions were until the night before!
 This picture makes me laugh!  The students smeared Vaseline on their chins, then dipped their heads into cotton balls, coming up to make their own....
 Santa beards!
 It was pretty funny and lots of fun!
 It's always exciting setting up the cafeteria in true party style.
 Students get excited just by seeing the tablecloths go on the tables!  It doesn't take much to make a plain party extra-special!
 Just a few details!  The cookie decorations turned out cute - thanks to pre-packaged kits from Wilton.  It made it simple and less-wasteful.
 These students are guessing what is in stuffed stockings. There was an ornament, a cookie cutter, a pinecone, a candy cane, and several other small treasures.  Part of the fun was dumping the stocking out to see what really was inside!
 Other fun games were "Up On the Housetop" bean bag toss....
...and an elf hat and reindeer antler hat ring toss.  Such fun, already-made games! The students had a blast!
One station that we always have at the elementary party is a story book station.  This gives the students an opportunity to sit and listen to someone read a story - something that there isn't always time for in our busy worlds today.  The reader did a great job!  Not everyone can be good in the story center!

Thank you to everyone who helped with the elementary party this year!  It was a great success!

Next year's theme: ELVES!

Monday, December 8, 2014


Here they are:  The 2014 Class C Football State Champions!!

The Tipton Tigers won the Gold Ball in the Championship Game against the Cherokee Chiefs, with 18 seconds left in the 3rd quarter!  The 45 point mercy ruling went into effect with the ending score of 58-12.  The game was played at Southwestern Oklahoma State College in Weatherford, OK.

 And the celebrating began as a few thousand fans cheered on the Tigers!  
Our nephew is the head coach.  We're so proud of him!  He's not only a great coach, but a great example of a Christian man to these young men.  His influence goes way beyond the field.   His dad (our brother-in-law), is also one of the coaches.
 Our 16 year old, Jacob, was a part of the team that went to State last year, receiving the silver ball.  It's still a great accomplishment, but there's nothing like winning the GOLD!  So, of course, we had to get a picture with the trophy!
Sophomore teammates, minus one.

Our oldest put a Go Pro camera on his brother's helmet for a few minutes!

Our oldest son has been broadcasting and commentating the Tipton Tiger football games for a few years.  This was his view for the live audio broadcast.  Pretty neat view!

Our four kiddos....
 The celebrating continued when we got back to Tipton.  The team's bus was greeted by lots of cheering fans and the lit-up scoreboard....
 ...and escorted in by the police and firemen!
 Encouraging words from the Coach...
 And our Freshman gave a big pep talk to the team and to the fans:
 He said, "Y'all are acting like this is over...that when these guys graduate, that it's the end of the Tipton Tigers winning.  But it's not over! We're gonna continue to win!"  We were so proud of him!
One last team breakout :(. That's a little sad!
The block party at the field ended with fireworks!  
What an exciting season!  What a ride for our Seniors! 

 They've gone to State four years in a row and come home with a silver ball, a GOLD BALL, a silver ball, AND ANOTHER GOLD BALL!  They will always have special memories of their HS career!  And we, the fans, look forward to more!

Congratulations, Tipton Tigers! We're proud of you!
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