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Monday, December 15, 2014

Santa-Themed Elementary Christmas Party 2014

It was pretty strange preparing for the elementary Christmas party this year - realizing for the first time ever that I didn't have an elementary student, myself! However, being a year older and in middle school didn't keep the "big" 6th graders from stopping by to see Santa! In fact, a lot of the older grades stopped by for a class picture with Santa!  I told them they would be glad they had done so when they put together their own Senior class videos and have these kinds of pictures.
The elementary students made cute little handprint Santa ornaments this year.
 Thankfully I had a great group of helpers for this center! I didn't have to worry about anything!  They had it all taken care of and organized. That's a good thing since I didn't pay attention to what the directions were until the night before!
 This picture makes me laugh!  The students smeared Vaseline on their chins, then dipped their heads into cotton balls, coming up to make their own....
 Santa beards!
 It was pretty funny and lots of fun!
 It's always exciting setting up the cafeteria in true party style.
 Students get excited just by seeing the tablecloths go on the tables!  It doesn't take much to make a plain party extra-special!
 Just a few details!  The cookie decorations turned out cute - thanks to pre-packaged kits from Wilton.  It made it simple and less-wasteful.
 These students are guessing what is in stuffed stockings. There was an ornament, a cookie cutter, a pinecone, a candy cane, and several other small treasures.  Part of the fun was dumping the stocking out to see what really was inside!
 Other fun games were "Up On the Housetop" bean bag toss....
...and an elf hat and reindeer antler hat ring toss.  Such fun, already-made games! The students had a blast!
One station that we always have at the elementary party is a story book station.  This gives the students an opportunity to sit and listen to someone read a story - something that there isn't always time for in our busy worlds today.  The reader did a great job!  Not everyone can be good in the story center!

Thank you to everyone who helped with the elementary party this year!  It was a great success!

Next year's theme: ELVES!

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Sounds like it was a success!

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