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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oklahoma FFA State Convention 2011

I didn't mean to go on a blog-writing hiatus, but it just happened that way!  For the past three days, I've been a chaperone at the Oklahoma FFA State Convention with about 25 Tipton FFA members and three other adults.  We had a great time, arriving back home between 12:45 and 1:15 a.m. this morning!  During the convention, it's hard to do anything else except be at the convention and blogging from a cell phone doesn't appeal to me....and neither did blogging from the hotel room at midnight.  So, yes, it was an unplanned hiatus, but I'm back.
So here I am, Thursday morning, sitting at home blogging, while the FFA members had to go to school this morning.  The men sponsors had to go to work this morning.  The other female sponsor had to go to an appointment.  I'm home :). I feel guilty!  Really! (Thankful, but still guilty! :)  I know the rest of them are worn smooooooooothhhhhhh out!
A great part of the trip, for me, was getting to be there with my two oldest children.  I had been when Lauren was an 8th grader and this time got to experience it with Zachary as an 8th grader.  He and I ate together twice during the trip.  Others went different directions and it just ended up being the two of us, so that was really nice and fun (for me, anyway!).  I think he enjoyed it, too!
Guess who got to be on the video board during the Redhawks game?  Me!  See my beautiful cowboy hat?  I was selected to play "Country or Crock".  I had to guess if song lyrics were "country" or "crock" (not real).  Since I don't listen to country, I didn't know any of the answers! The Redhawks announcer standing by me helped me out some, but even he got one wrong!
The FFA has a wonderful chorus for the state convention.  One of Tipton's own FFA members, Mikayla Balderas, was chosen to be part of the chorus.  Mikayla was also selected to perform a solo at the opening ceremony, as well as a solo part in one of the songs at a few other sessions.  Great job, Mikayla!  (Note:  To read more about Mikayla, visit her website at
The Tipton FFA won several chapter awards.  Here, daughter Lauren, is receiving one of them.  Several members also received awards for different areas:  Speeches, Proficiency, and State Farmer. 
We heard great speakers during the convention. One was Dave Dravecky, former Major League Baseball player who had his left arm and shoulder amputated due to cancer.
The other was Josh Sundquist who had his left leg amputated because of cancer at the age of nine.  Both men talked about how their disabilities became blessings.  The speeches were inspirational and challenged the youth (and adults) in many ways.  They both believe that because of what has happened to them, they have been able to live a life that they wouldn't have had the opportunity to live otherwise.  (Josh's website is
The final part of the convention is the officer ceremony.  The 2010-2011 officers made a grand entrance, rising up from the bottom of this black, foggy box.  The electric light show and music is a highlight of all convention sessions.
Oklahoma FFA State Convention 2011 is the end of lots of hard work for FFA members and their advisors.  Congratulations to all of you!  FFA is still one of my very favorite organizations!

(Note:  If you don't know about FFA and think it is all "Future Farmers of America", visit the website.  While it used to be mostly all "farm", it no longer is and is no longer known as the "Future Farmers of America".  It's just simply FFA.  Check it out!  There are great opportunities for growth and leadership for your children and grandchildren!)

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