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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Valleys of Life

Please pray for the people of Oklahoma (as well as those from last week's storm in Missouri and other areas) that have lost loved ones, as well as physical blessings, because of the tornadoes.  We're in the southwest corner and were not affected by the storms last night, but our hearts are heavy for those who are suffering.

The Valleys Of Life

We love to have the mountaintop
Experiences of life
To be in God’s presence worshiping
Where our spirits soar so high

These times are to be treasured
For all that God would do
So we will be better equipped
For the valley we must go through

For it’s down in the valleys
Where we are surely tested
Where we need more of God’s grace
As we share the gospel message

Where God does a deeper work
Revealing our true selves
Removing all that’s not of Him
Like unbelief and doubt

So our lamps again can shine
Without the smudges of sin
To clearly reflect God’s light inside
That once was burning dim

So others can see the hope we have
And be drawn unto the light
So they too can come to know
The saving grace of Christ

© By M.S.Lowndes
(Used by permission from

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