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Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank You, Joe!

Today I will be participating in "GRATITUESDAY", which is hosted by HeavenlyHomemakers. Please leave me a comment, send me an email or a message on Facebook about what you are grateful for today.

It is extremely difficult to just list one thing to be grateful for, isn't it? God has blessed us all so abundantly! But, today, I am grateful for my husband, Joe, and here are some of the reasons why:

1. He is a great husband and dad to our four children. He makes life fun. He enjoys making people laugh - especially our four children. Momma's not always amused at the times he likes to make the kiddos laugh and she prefers funnier jokes than those on Laffy Taffy wrappers :). No, really, I am thankful he likes to have fun. He lightens things up! Sometimes I'm too serious.

2. For every ladies' get-together, church event, party, luncheon, family gathering, decorating or entertaining event, we have in our home, at the church building, or at school, he is always very helpful. He carts tables, chairs, and plastic totes full of decorations around from one place to another. He runs errands, moves furniture, tidies up the yard, and helps in any way he can to help me or others get ready for the event. Then, after the event, he helps put it all back in place.

3. In some ways he really spoils me. I have only had to fill the van with gas a few times. He keeps it full for me. I think that is secretly because he's afraid I'll run it all the way to empty and then he'll be the one to have to come pick me up or bring me gas! He's right, of course, but I really do appreciate it! He keeps the trash taken out, keeps his clothes picked up, doesn't glue to the tv after work, doesn't expect the house spotless. He's not "typical" on a lot of "typical husband" lists, actually! I'm extremely blessed, I know!

4. Most importantly, he puts God first in his life. He shows that example to his family. His work with Tipton Home and for the children there is important to him. He is a great preacher (does this part-time filling in around here and for his work) and Bible class teacher. He rarely gets upset at anyone and if he does "they" will never know it. He lives out the truth that Jesus went through more by dying on the cross than we will ever go through here on Earth.

So, I am grateful for my husband. I don't tell him that enough, so it's a good thing he reads my blog :).

What are you grateful for today? Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know!


Laura@HeavenlyHomemakers said...

I'm so glad you joined Gratituesday!! Your husband sounds like a great guy. I'm sure he'll love reading all the things you appreciate about him!!

Kaycee said...

What an uplifting post, You have a great husband!

Brandi Sue said... I know this may sound cheesy but... In the spirit of this past Easter weekend, I am grateful for you and for all the members of Tipton COC!! Why?? Because, it has been forever since I have made it over there and you all still made me feel so welcome and important! Sometimes, it's easy to think that when you grow up and move away you are no longer important or special. It's all about the highschool kids ya know? haha Life in small towns seems to revolve around the high schoolers and their activities. So it's nice to know that people still think of me, pray for me, and even remember my name! And that they are still interested in what's going on in my life! I didn't live there long so I don't have all the "childhood memories" that most of my peers from there had, so like I said, it's nice to be remembered! So thank you Lori, and those of you reading this, for your support, prayers, and love!!

Lori said...

Laura - I meant to start it last week, but couldn't figure out exactly what I needed to do on the links and things....thank you!

Kaycee - Thank you for leaving a comment! I appreciate you stopping by.

Brandi - Thank you so much for your comment. They were not "cheesy" at all. I am so glad you felt welcome again. That's what the church should be and I assure you that those of us here in Tipton truly do care, love, and support you and all of the others who have lived here. I'm glad you see that and pray others who come back to visit do, as well. Don't stay away too long next time and until then....we have Facebook and blogs. :)

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