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Friday, April 24, 2009


Tonight was the 50th Anniversary Banquet for Quartz Mountain Christian Camp (QMCC) in Lone Wolf, Oklahoma. It was a great evening hearing stories about the past and being inspired about the future of QMCC.
Joe's uncle, James Trent, was one of the speakers for the evening. James directed camp sessions for over 25 years. His session is where Joe and I met. He still helps with QMCC and even took his 9 year old grandson from Iowa with him last summer!

James and Jan Trent

The Sojourner's painted the new "Tradin' Post" at QMCC. It's a mini store with necessities that campers might forget, plus t-shirts and other QMCC apparel.

The mess hall and a beautiful sunset behind it!

These are the old 'A' frame cabins. These are what Joe and I grew up sleeping in! Our children can not believe we slept in these! My memories of camp are full of stories about weeks in these cabins. Lots of nights we would have to go out and shut the windows (they're covered up now with metal) because of wind or rain! There were 5 'A' frames for the girls' side and 5 for the boys' side. You had to walk to the the dark....with flashlights.....worried about snakes and tarantulas!!

The new dorms (maybe 10 - 12 years old ?) This is like sleeping in luxury! Bathrooms are in the dorms and there are two wings on the building. There are 2 dorms for the girls and 2 for the boys. There is also a classroom area in the front for both wings.

Fisher Chapel - a place for worship, talent shows, and skits. Built in the mid 80's. It holds about 200 people. There's a bigger one being built where the old pool was. Yes, there's a new pool. Almost 2 years old! I didn't get a picture of it tonight, though.

Trent Pavillion, named for Albert Trent, Joe's Granddad and James Trent's dad. He was one of the original board members, as was one of my great-uncles, Virgil Francis. Camp is a great experience for the youth. Being in a setting such as QMCC - you can't help but feel close to God. The wide open spaces, the mountains, the starry sky, the Bible lessons, the family groups, the singing, the friendships, the closeness of Christians coming together to worship God for an entire week! It's AWESOME!

Just last week my daughter asked, "Can I pack for camp now, Mom?" She goes at the end of June and first part of July!

It's supposed to be Soap Box here's my soap box: That I'm too old to attend QMCC as a summer camper any more!

And, the song! Yes, the QMCC Camp Song! Let me hear you sing it!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Neat! What kind of program did they have? How many were able to attend? Wish we could've but too many good things going on this weekend! Dee got home last night and we're getting ready to run!

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