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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Read His Word

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In our spiritual gardens, the way we GROW WITH GOD and the way we learn about how to ABIDE WITH JESUS is to READ HIS WORD. In Luke 8, which is the Parable of the Sower, Jesus tells us that the seed is God’s Word. When a seed is first planted, even though we can’t see it, it begins to grow - it begins to change. The little seed grows and grows and suddenly, one day, a little plants sprouts up from the ground. But, the seed will never grow if it isn’t planted or cared for, will it?

God’s Word, the Bible, is just like the seed Jesus describes at the end of that parable in Luke 8:15 “But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop." To produce a good crop, the seed must be in good soil. We as Christians must be that good crop for God’s Word to grow in our hearts. If it’s not growing in our hearts - if we’re not concerned with our spiritual gardens, we have a problem, don’t we?

The Bible is God’s way of communicating with us. We all communicate with someone probably every day of our lives - most people do. We all enjoy getting phone calls or notes, letters, or even an email or text message from someone special to us. Or maybe an encouragement card or get well card from a friend helps us during a difficult time in life. We like to hear from friends and family - to stay in touch with them so we can hear how their lives are going, and we also enjoy telling others about what is going on in our lives. Words are important to us. God’s Word should be important to us, as well.

There are many books, magazines and newspapers we can fill our lives with nowadays. We can even go through life without opening God’s Word ourselves. We may hear it when we come together for worship, but we can go home to never open it on our own. God’s Word should be something we claim for ourselves. Take it to heart. Make it your letter personally - given to you from God.

It is important for you and I to know what we believe about God, His Son Jesus, and know what is written in His Word by reading it yourself. We shouldn’t just take what is said in a Bible class or even a sermon for granted. Of course we expect the lessons to be truth, but it is important to study ourselves to know how we ought to live and to know everything God wants us to know.

Many times we think we don’t have the time to study and read God’s Word like we should. Have you ever analyzed your time? What do you do in your free time? Watch TV? Surf the internet? Read a book? Enjoy a hobby? What could you give up to spend time in God’s Word? Make a chart of what you do in your day. List out how you spend your time. Just writing it down makes you aware of how you spend your time.

We don’t have to read for a certain amount of time to learn and study from His Word. True studying of the scriptures is not about how much time you spent, but what you get out of the study. The Bible is the best SELF-HELP book that has ever been written! Read God’s Word. Let God’s Word grow in you.

Do you make time for God in your day everyday? What are some unique ways you find to make time for God?

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