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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Thank You for Being Honest!"

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I'm really embarrased to even tell you part of this story, but I'm going to because it makes a good point.

Last week our family went to Walmart in Altus and purchased several bags with many items. Two things our daughter needed was a pair of shorts and some flip flops, which we found and purchased. That evening, the kids carried all of the sacks into the kitchen and we left them there until the next morning.

While putting up the purchases the next morning, I couldn't find the two items we bought for our daughter. I looked in the van and couldn't find another sack. I sent one or two of the kids to look - no more sacks! I have left things before after checking out, so assumed that I had done the same thing this time. The customer service center writes down what is left and has a record of it.

The next day later we were back in Altus, so we stopped by to get the two items. The lady at the service desk said that it wasn't written down, but told me to go get the two items that I showed her were missing from my ticket. I thanked her for her help and assumed the person who checked out after me had a pair of shorts and flip flops and they didn't know why!

Four days later my husband was cleaning out the van. Because baseball games were winding down, a lot of the chairs, bags, and "stuff" could be taken out - plus we were getting ready to take two kids and their luggage to camp. Guess what he found? The Walmart sack with the two missing items!! How embarrassing! Now I was going to have to go back and return the items that I said we didn't get!

The next day, after dropping our oldest two off at church camp, we stopped by Walmart. Of course, then I had to explain to the door greeter what I was doing, then went to the customer service desk and explained to the ladies there. You know what's amazing, though? The door greeter and those two ladies were shocked that I brought the items back! They could not believe that I didn't just keep them and they all said, "Thank you for being honest."

I really don't feel like I should have been "thanked" for being honest. It seems strange to me to be thanked for doing the right thing. It would never occur to me not to take something like that back. For me, it would be wrong. But, I understand why they thanked me. Unfortunately, some people would have kept the merchandise. I would like to think that most people would have taken the merchandise back, but maybe I'm too optimistic.

Could I have kept the items? Yes. No one would have known, would they? No one from Walmart would have known. None of you would have known. But my children would have known and what would I be teaching them? And, oh, yes, God would know. The One who matters most would know! Of course, He knows everything. He knows my heart. He knows my thoughts. He knows my actions. Nothing can be hidden from God.

O LORD, you have searched me and you know me. Psalm 139:1


Wa Wa Waughs said...

you are teaching your kids lessons, tho! Good job!

Brandi Sue said...

I've only left something once and luckily it was still there when I went right back for it!! What I run into the most is...when the cashier gives you too much change back. I always tell them...sure...who couldn't use the extra money right? But aside from it being wrong to keep...the cashier will come up short at the end of their shift and that definitely wouldn't be a good thing!

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