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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Planning Your Funeral

A sweet Christian lady passed away this week. Wilma was 85 and recently had a stroke. We've known Wilma for about 13 years. She worships at the congregation where my parents do in Altus.

I just heard something really neat about Wilma's funeral preparations. She wanted to be buried in a gown and robe (it's pink). And, she only wanted a single rose on top of the casket. These two simple requests are not fancy. They are not elaborate. Elaborate wouldn't be Wilma's style at all. Isn't that a sweet request?

It may sound strange to some of you, but I "plan" my funeral. I'll be thinking about it and realize, "Hey! You won't be there!". Oh, yeah! Now, when I say "plan", I mean like the songs, the color of the casket, NOT THE DAY!! (However, God's in control of that, and when he calls - I'll be there!) Sometimes I'll tell my husband I want a certain song at my funeral and he always says that I will out-live him so I need to tell someone else! Maybe someday I'll write it all out like I did my wedding plans years ago (ha! ha!).

Often I joke about having a "theme" at my funeral - like a party. I'm a party-planner at heart and I decorate for lots of things. I have a shed full of totes with luau decor, cowboy decor, safari decor, garden decor, rubber ducky, and more. LOTS OF DECORATION STUFF! I remember telling my ladies Bible class that I wanted a theme at my funeral. One lady jokingly said that if it was winter I could have a cowboy theme and if in the summer, it could be a luau! No. I'd better not! No theme.

You know? Wilma's request is so simple and sweet. She knew what all Christians know and realize. It doesn't matter what we wear at our funeral. It doesn't matter what color the casket is or what flowers are on top. It doesn't matter who attends our funeral. (Of course, it matters to the family and that is a very important part of the grieving process...going through those steps.) The only thing that really and truly matters is if your heart belongs to Jesus. It only matters if you are a child of God. It only matters where you will be spending eternity. In Heaven with God and Jesus - that's where I want to be. How about you?

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