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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Chronicles of Biscuit - "I Need Some Dollars"

A few weeks ago on a Sunday night during worship, Biscuit was writing with a pen and accidently hit one of his top front teeth with the pen. That tooth had been a little loose, but now it was even more so.

Biscuit was excited and immediately began trying to pull the tooth out. I told him to wait until after we got home because it started to bleed. I knew if he didn't quit, it would bleed a lot (his last tooth actually came out during worship, too - but it had been dangling for a while!). Biscuit said, "But I want it to come out. I need some dollars. All I have is pennies." Well, he did have a point! He had spent all of his money recently on a Texas Rangers' shirt and hat (not the hat he has on here....this picture of him with his "dollars" is from Kindergarten graduation).

Biscuit worked and worked that night and the next day trying to get that tooth out. I tried, too, but didn't want to pull too hard - afraid I might hurt him. It didn't come out and still hasn't!

In the meantime, Biscuit's brother was looking through his piggy bank and found a $20.00 bill wadded up. Biscuit was so excited! He took the money to Walmart and bought himself a discounted batting helmet. He had been wanting one for a while and it was a really good deal. He also bought a package of gum and some good-smelling body spray like his older brothers wear!

Yesterday, I asked Biscuit about his loose tooth. I said, "I thought you wanted that tooth to come out so you could get some money?" Biscuit said, "Oh, I have $8.00 left, so I'm okay." Now that his brother had found the $20.00 and he still had some of that left over, he was no longer in need. Loosing the tooth wasn't quite as important as it had seemed before. I'm sure it will be soon as that $8.00 is spent!

Isn't this how we sometimes are in our relationship with God? We ask for something in prayer and God answers our prayer, and then many times we neglect that close relationship with Him until we need something again? We often treat God like a vending machine - putting our "money" in and wanting to push a button and choose what we get out...making our selections and wanting our requests granted, but only when we feel the need. But, God wants to hear from us all of the time - not just in those times of need.

"Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful." Colossians 4:2

Thank you, God, for the direct contact we can have with you through your Son and our Savior, Jesus!
In Jesus' Name,

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Brandi Sue said...

Cute story! and I really liked how you related it...that's so true. I'm getting better at not doing that but it's easy to slip back into it!

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