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Monday, July 27, 2009

My Kitchen Timer

I am grateful for my kitchen timer! Why, you ask? Well, it's more than just a tool that helps my smoke alarm from going off quite so often. It's a tool for parenting!

As a parent, you know that getting children to do chores is sometimes a chore! While for the most part all four of my kiddos are willing to help out around the house, there are times that it isn't going so good. Usually those times are when the three boys are cleaning up their room. They all share a room and, even though it's a big room, it just gets messier with three in there together. Of course, the older two blame it on the youngest (which, indeed, is usually the case!).

A few weeks ago we were having a "cleaning party" as I like to refer to it, and the boys were squabling about "this and that" while cleaning up their room. After trying to let it go and let them work it out, I thought about my kitchen timer. I told them I was setting the timer and that their room had to be straight by the time the buzzer rang. I asked them how much time they thought they needed. Zachary said, "twenty minutes". Having walked back to their room and having seen the "damage", I didn't think twenty was enough, so secretly gave them 30.

The whole tone of the "cleaning party" changed! You would have thought I had done the greatest thing by putting them on a dealine! Isn't that amazing....and even a little shocking??! They finished the job a few minites before the timer rang!

A few days ago we were getting ready for a real birthday party at our house, so of course we needed another "cleaning party". The boys were sorting/folding laundry and Lauren and I were cleaning up the kitchen and working on food for the party. All of a sudden, Jacob said, "Mom, can you set the kitchen timer? It makes it more fun!"

So you see, I am grateful for my kitchen timer! It has made "cleaning parties" so much more fun...and productive! (Note: Maybe I should set the timer for myself. Maybe it would make some of the things I clean up/work on/organize more fun!)

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Amy Lynne said...

What a great way to keep them all focused! My boys love racing a timer and it works in my second grade classroom too! I think the kids like knowing they have to beat the clock.

HappilyDomestic said...

I use my kitchen timer quite regularly on my children too, especially when they are doing their chores. Otherwise they drag their tails and take forever! Good to see other moms doing the same thing. :-)

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