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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Mean Mom

I'm a "mean" mom. Yep. I am. And, guess what? That's okay with me! And, actually, even my children are glad I'm mean! Ask them - they'll tell you. But, they won't use the word "mean". They will say strict.

Do you know why I'm okay with being a mean mom? Because a mean mom, in many children's eyes, teenager's eyes, and sadly even in some parent's and grandparent's eyes, is a mom who tells their children no. She doesn't put up with the whining or allow it to change her mind. A mean mom is a mom who wants to know where her children are at ALL times. She expects her children to be honest with her about where they are, as well as about everything else. A mean mom is also a mom who won't let her children play video games all of the time or watch TV all of the time, or be on the computer all of the time, or even text all of the time, fill in the blank!

A mean mom sets limits and boundaries for her children. Yes, she has rules for her children. And, she expects those rules to be followed. A mean mom disciplines her children. She also takes the time to teach them about God, about Jesus, about salvation, as well as about the church that Jesus died for. She takes care to make sure her children are worshipping God with the church and learning in Bible classes when offered. She doesn't have to decide each week whether her children will be worshipping or not - it was a decision made long ago and it was a commitment. A commitment to God. A commitment to Christ.

Come to think of it, my mom was a mean mom, too! She was! She always set a curfew for me. Some kids didn't even have curfews! She didn't let me go to some of the parties other kids got to go to. She made me help clean the house each week and help with other chores around the house. And sleeping in on a Sunday morning? Well, that would have been out of the question!

You know what? I don't think my mom was mean, after all! (Thanks, Mom!) And I don't think I am a mean mom either. No, I think I have just described a mom who loves her children enough to discipline them. A mom who cares enough to want to know where children are and who they are with. A mom who loves her children enough to make rules and to set boundaries. But, it's also a mom who shows that love and care in a such a way that the children (eventually!) realize it is to help them grow up to be Christian adults, as well as productive citizens in this world.

A loving and caring mom will realize she is not a perfect mom and never will be, but is reliant on God's grace and love. A loving and caring mom will make it a goal to guide her children in the path towards Heaven and pray for God's strength and guidance to help her get through each step of the way.

Are you a "mean" mom?

Happy Mother's Day!

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