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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Been A Circus Around Here!

Yes, it's been a circus around here! A literal circus, as well as a figurative one! This year, the Kindergarten teacher chose "circus" as the theme for her room. The students won two parties from the PTO for collecting the most box tops and labels. They were treated to a party recently and I decided to make these cupcakes for them to go along with their circus theme.

So then, along come's Teacher Appreciation Week the first week in May. But, our elementary teachers were having a "Biggest Loser" contest and didn't want to eat the food the PTO usually prepares while on the diet. They said they would eat if we would wait until the last weigh-in! So we waited until after their contest ended and fed them last Thursday and Friday, plus yesterday and today (Monday & Tuesday). The theme was "Under the Big Top" and the decor stayed up in the workroom during the celebration. It was a travelling "circus", making stops in Italy (Italian food was served), Oklahoma (circus fun food), Hawaii (fruit, snacks) and Mexico (soft tacos). The circus theme seems to be carrying on throughout the year!

When it came time to plan Kindergarten Graduation, a circus theme was choosen. The students used the alphabet to go along with a character one might see at the circus. Tyler was Melvin the Magnificant Clown. Lots of fun for all the kids!

With each of our four children, after Kindergarten Graduation, we've hosted a party at our house following the graduation program. Tonight there were 12 kindergatrten students, plus their families and others who came for the hot dog cookout. There are 21 in Tyler's class, so not everyone came, but we still had about 70 in attendance!

Our third child, Jacob, agreed to be the clown for the party. The students seemed to enjoy having him dressed up and acting the part for a little while.

My mother-in-law enjoys making cakes and does a great job at it. She made this circus cake for the graduation party.

Tyler decided to put on the clown wig, just for jokes.

We've got one more circus event planned in Tipton in the next few days. Tyler's Kindergarten teacher has been named "Teacher of the Year" for the school. I usually decorate for this event each year and as a surprise for her, it is going to be a circus theme. I am even going to use the stage background she had made for the program tonight as party of the decorations for her celebration! But, shhhhhh! Don't tell her! It's a secret!

God gives all of us gifts, talents, abilities. How do we use them to serve others? Every day we wake up with new opportunities to use our talents to serve others. By doing so we are "Shining Like Stars" for Jesus!


Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

What cute cupcakes! My oldest is in Kindergarten too...I'm sad it's over in just a few days...

Brandi Sue said...

You are so the Mom I want to be when I grow up!!! Love the cupcakes!! and way cute pics too!!

Lori said...

Thank you.

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