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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vacation Bible School - Yippee!!

The theme for our VBS this year is "The Great Physician". It's Tues. - Thurs. and each day we're studying two different lessons about those Jesus healed. It's always a little rough getting ready for VBS this soon after the end of school and with the Memorial Day Weekend, but we all manage to get ready in time.

This is my room, where I teach 1st and 2nd graders. Today there were 8 of them, but I know there will be a few more tomorrow. It's a fun age to teach and since they just finished with school last week, they are used to the routine of "classtime"!

The "Case Books" I have made on the walls came from an idea from a book called "Dr. Luke's Case Book", which is published by Christian Focus. I emailed the company for permission to use photos for VBS and they were willing to do it for me. Thank you, Christian Focus!

The little book is great. It's written by Ruth MacLean and here's a link if you are interested in seeing more about it. Since we did other stories about the healings Jesus did, other than all from Luke, "Case 6" used other pictures we had in our supply room.

Today we studied about Jesus healing the blind. I read from Mark 10:46-52, telling the story of Jesus healing Bartimaeus. Jesus used his spit to make mud and put on the man's eyes. We made chocolate pudding in small baggies to represent the "mud" and they had two Oreo cookies for the eyes. They seemed to enjoy learning today and we're looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow!


Lori Stovall said...

This looks fun and informative.

Lori Stovall said...

What is in the folders on the Summer interns board?

I made pudding with my preschoolers this year in baby food jars. We ate the chocolate pudding with animal crackers after reading several 'muddy' books. The baggie idea sounds fun and squishy. Playing with your food without getting messy! Keep sharing and have a great week.

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