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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Quick Note!

Hey, everyone! Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate it very much! I have no way to know how many are subscribed to it. I would like to know how to track that, but haven't figured it out yet. I do have a tracker that keeps up with how many visit the site per day, so that's kind of neat. But, I just wanted to say thanks to each of you, even if I don't know you personally!

Also, to those who read the post about Crazy the goat - she's been caught! Roped by two high school boys, actually. She's near by our house in a pen she can't get out of by jumping. My husband is waiting until March 12th to see if she has little babies, but then he says he is "done" with Crazy.

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Troy and Shiann Metheny said...


You can go to our blog where I have a thing that will let you know where people are from that are reading it, though not specifically who is looking.

I like to read blogs through Outlook, and don't go on the website unless there is a video or I want to comment.

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