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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Chronicles of Biscuit - A New Attitude

Note: All of my children have nicknames which have been given to them by their dad. Tyler's nickname is "Biscuit". For a long time I have thought that I should have a blog totally devoted to the funny things he says. It would be entitled "The Chronicles of Biscuit". But, for now, I'll just post them here to go along with specific devotional thoughts.

Such was the case today after school....
When Biscuit got out of school today and got into the van, the first words out of his mouth were, "What's the deal with my attitude?" Yep. That is exactly what he said! And, he had a sad, disappointed-in-himself-look on his face. I'm thinking that he must have really gotten in trouble and just started to ask him about it when he said, "All I did was whisper, but it's okay, Mom. I only got a warning.". Well, I talked to him about having this warning and told him that he must have done more than just whisper. We finally got to the main offense: He wasn't supposed to be talking at all and so he just got a warning because he was just whispering.

So, of course, we talked about obeying the rules totally and not just part way. But I got to thinking about what Biscuit said, "What's the deal with my attitude?" I don't know about you, but I've asked myself that very same question many, MANY times before! And I wonder, does God ask that same question about me and my attitude, as well? I'm certain that He does - and has - many times!

Philippians 2:5 says "Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus..." Jesus is our example for everything in life and we should strive to be more like Him each day. Will we fail as Biscuit did today in Kindergarten? You bet! But, God is ready to forgive us and help us get back on track.

After all the kids were loaded up in the van we went by the fair barn to check on all of the baby goats. My husband just happened to be there checking on the goats, too. When Biscuit saw his dad he said, "Mom, dad doesn't need to know about all of this!" Oh, yes he does, Tyler! Oh, yes he does! ;)


Lori said...

This is a test - by Lori.

Brandi Sue said...

I am still stuck on the part where Tyler is in school!! He's a baby! When did he grow up?? haha :)

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