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Friday, November 9, 2012

Small Town Community Spirit

There's nothing like small town community spirit.  Nothing at all.  Yesterday our small town honored our veterans, as well as veterans from all over America.
Our Student Council held its annual Veteran's Assembly yesterday morning.  The color guard presented the flags.  Always special to watch. STUCO leader and members dressed in red, white, and blue, and did a great job organizing the special assembly.  The speaker, a pilot for the Air Force, had a great message and asked the students for questions about the job and the military.  He was very interesting!
Last night was our annual PTO Fall Festival/Carnival.  Vendor booths were set up and one of my sons even volunteered to set at my little small business booth.  He did all of the setting up of the booth, too, because I was too busy with other things!  Thanks, J!
Our elementary classes each have a game in their rooms and get together a themed basket for an auction.  The 4th grade always does an OU basket.  The money raised helps the PTO do special things for the school all through the year.
This is one of the favorite games the students play.  It was loaned to us and we really appreciate Mrs. P for letting us borrow it!  It was made by her dad, I believe.
High school classes also have games/activities.  The Junior class had a fun obstacle course that many enjoyed.  The Seniors did a haunted house - something we've never had before, but was a huge hit!
Tonight is the first playoff game for our football team.  At the end of the evening, the cheerleaders had a pep rally and bonfire. 
The fire was so pretty to watch!  The wind was blowing away from us, so that was great, too!
My daughters' Senior class (about half of them here) got together for a quick pose at the bonfire.  Just another "last" in the books and in our memories. 

Thank you to everyone who helped make this years' Fall Festival and Carnival a HUGE success.  Small town community spirit is alive in our town.  We're thankful to be raising our family here. Go, TIGERS!

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