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Monday, November 12, 2012

QMCC Teen Fall Retreat 2012

This weekend we were blessed to attend the QMCC Teen Fall Retreat.  It's not that my husband and I are teens, obviously, but three out of four of our children fit into that category, and we were helping with lessons, crafts, and other things.
My brother-in-law did two of the lessons. My husband did one.  The theme was "Rock Around the Clock", which meant to be a ROCK around the out your faith 24 hours a day.
We made it a '50's theme so I had the kids do '50's crafts.  They made Coke floats and decoupaged glass Christmas ornaments (some with '50's styled paper).  
I found neat CD's that were vinyl and made to look like real records.  (You can't tell that in this picture, since it was decoupaged with tissue paper, but I'll show it on my craft blog this week.)  I also found CD sleeves that made it look like a record album.  The kids thought it was pretty neat!
For the evening meal, we decorated in a diner styled theme. 
A cute '50's looking backdrop was perfect for photos.  Many of the teens dressed up for the meal.  Here my daughter and two of her friends pose for a cute picture.
My two middle boys dressed up and reluctantly posed for my camera shot!
Several games were played.  A bubble gum relay.  They had to keep their bubble blown until they got to the other end.  This guy has one tiny little bubble!
A "Sock Hop", which was a three-legged race where the legs were tied with a long sock.
A hula hoop contest.  Here my little niece is handling 5 or 6 hoops!
Later in the evening we had a small bonfire and made s'mores.
The best part of the retreat was the spiritual part.  The worship and the singing.  The singing was BEAUTIFUL!  We had 48 youth there and seven adults.  It was great learning more about living out our the the afternoon......and in the evening.  Being a ROCK around the clock. 

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Looks like a great time with the games and crafts! I'm sure it was awesome!

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