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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Little Things

Sometimes little things turn into big things.  Little things often mean a lot to someone who is having a hard time.  Just taking a little time or using a little effort can go a long way in helping someone in need.

Last month at a ladies' retreat, some of the speakers talked about doing "little things".  They listed things that could easily be done for someone.  I want to list some of the things mentioned, in case you are looking for a way to be a blessing to others.

It's the time of year when we tend to think more about others....we tend to think more about serving others.  Pick out just one thing you can do for someone today!

1.  Share your talent with someone.  Teach them how to do something.  Or ask them to show you a talent.  Your asking may help them more than you could ever imagine!

2.  Send someone (this was directed towards college-age kids) $2.00 in the mail.  Tell them to go get a soft drink....on you!

3.  Offer to babysit little ones.  Parents can become overwhelmed with responsibilities.  An hour or two break may be beneficial to a parent and give them a little time to just relax for a little while.....or go to the bathroom alone! (I remember those days!)

4.  Mentor someone.

5.  Write someone a letter.

6.  Visit the nursing home.  Make door decorations for nursing home residents.

7.  Offer to read the Bible or a book to someone in the hospital, nursing home, or shut in at home.

8.  Continually pray for someone.  Don't give up on them, but keep praying!

9.  Coordinate play groups for your young children.  It's fun for them, but gives young moms an opportunity to get with other moms.

10.  Be an "adoptive" grandparent to children in your congregation.  This is especially great in college towns where students may live far from relatives.

11.  Organize "Ding Dong Ditch".  Prepare goody bags.  Leave them on someone's porch.  Ring the doorbell and run away!

12.  If the youth in your congregation participate in LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) or other leadership opportunities, get involved.  Help the youth by using your talents to teach and train!

13.  Ask questions.  Most people will talk when they are asked questions.  Some will not.  Just be sure to not make it seems like you are prying into their life.  Some people are private.  Give others the opportunity to open up, but be respectful when it's obvious they don't want to.

14.  School supplies are really expensive.  We often think of school supply drives during the beginning of the school year, but many schools/students could probably use supplies all during the year.  Organize a drive and donate to schools all school year long.

15.  The Bible says to care for the widows and orphans.  Caring is more than sending money, clothing, or other goods.  Give them a hug.  Send them a note.  Sit by them.  Ask them to eat with you.  Show them you care in your actions.

16.  Care givers have a difficult task in caring for others, and often they, themselves, need a break.  Offer to sit with someone so that the caregiver can get away for just a little while.  Just 30 minutes would be welcomed, I'm sure.

17.  Offer to take people to their doctor's appointments.  When I worked at a doctor's office, I often heard patients say they couldn't get to an appointment - especially when they needed to go further away.  It made me really sad.  Did they really not have anyone to call?  Were they afraid to ask others for help?  I'm not sure, but I definitely know there is a need for transportation for many people.  What a great opportunity to serve!

18.  We have a juvenile detention center nearby and there are jails/prisons around the country.  What about taking goody bags and Bibles to these people?  Perhaps a small act of kindness would show them Jesus and they would want to know more about Him?

19.  As Christmas approaches, I am reminded of a time when we heard of a family who didn't have very much.  We made stockings for the children and filled them with goodies - leaving them on their porch Christmas morning.  Help someone in need.

20.  Recently I heard of a family who has no running water.  This breaks my heart.  I think that a great "project" for our Bible class would be to pay to have their water turned on, but then also to continue paying their bill.  The water in our town isn't very much and it is definitely a need that needs to be met.

So many people are struggling in so many ways.  There are so many things we can do to help others.  Some things are little things, and yes, some things are big things.  But we can all do something.  We can all help someone in some way.

Reach out and help someone today.  Remember that those little things you do may be big.....HUGE things to them.  Let your light shine today!

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