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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving is all about traditions for our family.  Although we've added a few things along the years, for the most part, Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day, and the day after Thanksgiving has been the same for longer than I've been a part of my husband's side of the family.  And that's been over 25 years!
Some things are different.  Everyone is older.  Some grandkids have married.  Some now have children of their own.  And some people are no longer with us.  My husband's grandmother passed away a few years ago.  His dad passed away this past June.  Things were different without him here, but still....things were also the same.  The guys still played 42.  Many of us still played Liverpool (Rummy).  We still had hot rolls.  We still had cinnamon rolls.  His memory lives on and always will.
Thanksgiving Eve's tradition is worship in song with our church family.  By that evening all of our relatives are in town.  It is the very first memory I have of Thanksgiving with my husband's side of the family and quickly became one of my very favorite parts of the celebration. It's a time we all look forward to all year long.  The acapella singing is BEAUTIFUL! There's nothing like it.  Not only is our whole family in attendance, but so are many other families who have relatives in from all over the place.  Men - both young and old and in-between -  participate in the service, leading us in songs of praise to our Heavenly Father.
Our annual "Turkey Trot" (5K), held on Thanksgiving morning, was won by one of our nephews this year.  He's won it a few other years, as well.  How do you like his prize - the turkey hat?  He also gets his name on a plaque. Another nephew videoed the whole Thanksgiving time together this year.  We can wait to see his talents used on a family video that everyone can see!  One of the runners commented that he felt like they were at a 'big city' marathon, with the camera tracking their run as a car followed the lead runners!  Most likely the video will become a new yearly tradition!
This interesting metal turkey served as the marker for the starting line and finishing line for the race.  Later on the turkey had other duties.... :)
Our youngest son was so excited to spend time with his oldest 2nd cousin and the first great-grandchild of our family.  They had lots of fun together!
See...the turkey became the guardian of the dessert table after the race!  Too bad he didn't squawk if he saw someone eating too much dessert!  I think it he had done that, he would have lost his place at the table, don't you?
Here's a sampling of the huge amount of food we had for our Thanksgiving dinner.  This is my oldest son's plate.....before the homemade roll was added.  Yum!  It was delicious, as always!  I never get tired of the leftovers.
The annual "cousin" picture is always fun.  There are four grandkids/spouses missing, plus three great-grandkids missing for this picture, but still a big group for the annual "BASH"!
One of my nephews painted a Mike Witkowski pumpkin for Halloween.  It looked pretty neat sitting with all of the other pumpkins all ready to be hit at the annual pumpkin bash.  Funny thing was that the 'eye' part of that pumpkin never got smashed! Later the eye was sitting in a pile of smashed pumpkins....totally intact!  I should have gotten a picture!
For the first time ever, my mother-in-law participated in the bashing.  She usually comes to the bashing, just doesn't usually participate.  She was quite the slugger!  Hit every single one! The special effects of the pumpkin splattering is our favorite part of the event.....unless the pumpkin is rotten and squirts all over us!  Then it's just plain GROSS!  Thankfully her pumpkin wasn't too yucky....just a lot of fun!
For the second year in a row, we've had a new tradition added to our Thanksgiving weekend:  A playoff game for our HS football team!  And, for the second year in a row, we're headed to the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!  The only part of the tradition we want to change is that last year we came in as State Runner-Up and this year we want to be - and expect to be - the STATE CHAMPIONS and bring home the GOLD ball!

I pray you had a blessed Thanksgiving.....full of thankfulness, family, food, and fun!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

It was pretty sweet this year, especially with the great weather!

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