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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Parenting Questionnaire

Over a year ago, our preacher handed out some questionnaires to several parents in our congregation.  My husband and I filled ours out then and gave it back to him.  Tonight during our Wednesday night Bible study he handed the questionnaire out to everyone and used it as part of his lesson.  His goal is to use the questionnaire results in a parenting seminar some day.

I thought I would share the questions with you, as it gives each of us some important things to think about - whether our children are still home or already grown.

1.  What positive reinforcement do/did you use with your children to help them learn self-discipline?

2.  What negative reinforcement do/did you use with your children to help them learn self-discipline?

3.  Who was the primary disciplinarian in your home? 
A.   Dad     B. Mom      C.  Both Equally

4.  What roll did television/video games play in your family? 
A. Entertainment   B. Baby Sitter   C. Reward    D. Other

5.  How much time does/did each family member spend watching television or playing video games each day?
A.  Dad ______________   B.  Mom ___________________  C.  Children ______________

6.  How much profanity or sexual activity was tolerated when watching television?
A.  None/Zero Tolerance       B.  Some            C. Ignored/Didn't Matter

7.  What is/was the primary method of punishment for disobedience in your home?
A.  Verbal       B. Spanking     C.  Loss of privileges     D.  Other

8.  What do/did you do to promote spiritual growth in your family?

9.  How often do/did you pray together as a family?

10.  How much time is/was spent each week in family-related activities (games, chores, school activities, sports activities, etc.)?

11.  Are/were the parents in agreement on rules, requirements, and expectations in the home?

12.  Do/did you present a united front to the children in the enforcement of rules, requirements, and expectations in the home?

I would like to add a few more: 

13.  Do/did your children see you living for Jesus and serving God every day?

14.  Do/did your children know that worshipping God is important to you - together with the church on Sundays and maybe even on Wednesday - but also each and every day?

15.  What do/would your children say was the most important thing in your life?

Just some good questions for all of us who are/were parents to think about, aren't they?

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