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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Babies are a Blessing

Sunday was a baby shower for a little girl who will make her debut in April.

We're planning the shower of another April's a boy. 

Today co-workers at my husband's workplace welcomed a new little baby boy into their family.  They now have two boys and a girl, plus they are "parents" to three or four other girls as they serve as houseparents at Tipton Home.

Our niece is having a little boy in July. The first great-grandchild in our family.

Friends are waiting to welcome a baby into their life as they pray and prepare to adopt.

Yesterday, a family of three welcomed quads into their life.  They more than doubled their family size in a short amount of time.  (To read more about this story, click here.)  The mother grew up here.  Her dad was our preacher.

Babies are a blessing. They are a gift from God.

Thank you, God, for babies!

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A.Marie said...

Oh, I totally agree! Babies are such a gift...they are gentle little reminders that Heaven does exist!

I went to the dentist yesterday and one of the gals there lost her daughter to cancer recently. They also just found out that their other daughter is expecting a baby. I told her that in the midst of sorrow, there is always joy to be found. She got tears in her eyes and agreed that this baby is going to help heal her heart. God Is So Good! :)

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