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Monday, March 8, 2010

Gratituesday - A Weekend Getaway

Last Thursday my mom, sister Kimberly, and I went on a long weekend trip to Fredericksburg, Texas.  This was something my sister and I had been planning for six months, but surpirsed our mom with the announcement at Christmas (as part of a combined Christmas/birthday gift).  We had taken a one day trip to Edmond, Oklahoma a few years ago, but other than that we had never done anything like this together. It's not that we don't enjoy being together, but we're all so busy with our families and responsibilities...there's never time.  This time we decided to make the time.  I'm grateful that we did.
Mom and I left Thursday morning from Tipton, Oklahoma.  Kimberly left an hour or so later that morning from Lubbock, Texas.  We met in Abilene and left one of the vehicles with a friend.  After lunch, we headed towards Fredericksburg.
Our home for the long weekend was Peach Tree Inn and Suites
The manager was so sweet and kind. It's a great place to stay! They have little duplex-type rooms, which we stayed in, but they also have larger family-type rooms with kitchens.
We spent most of Friday and Saturday shopping.  There are so many different kinds of shops. We didn't really buy much, but had lots of fun looking!
Hen Feathers (home decor) - Isn't it a pretty building?
Sandwiches and Sweets - Lots of yummy desserts!
...more desserts...
Sandwiches, Soups, and of course....desserts!
Italian food - so good we ate there twice!  Yes, they had dessert, too.
Carriage rides....We didn't ride, but wanted to show our kids the picture.
Cute garden idea: bicycle with flower basket - this is at the Pie Company.
The Spunky Monkey - a toy store.
Besides the shopping, food, and just time together, we enjoyed Friday evening at the Rockbox Theater.  The cast was super-talented and made the show lots of fun and entertaining.  If you ever go to Fredericksburg, be sure to go to the show.  You'll be glad you did.

Sunday morning we woke up early and drove to Abilene to be there in time for worship.  We picked up the other car and ate a final lunch together before heading back to our homes and families.  

On this Gratituesday, I am grateful for "A Weekend Getaway"...a special time spent with my mom and my sister.  I'm glad we took the time to get away together and look forward to doing it again someday.

P.S.  I am also grateful for my husband and my brother-in-law. They are great dads who were willing and able to care for the kiddos in our absence.  It's great for daddies to have time to bond with their kids. 

P.S.S.  I am also grateful to my husband for filling in for me at our elementary school's annual Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration.  I volunteered to teach the students about Mexico, but later realized that I wasn't going to be here that day.  He did a great job, so I've heard.  I'll post about that soon.

P.S.S.S. My daughter went with my dad to keep him company while my mom was away.  They had a good time at the Oklahoma Class A & B state basketball championship games for a few of the days.  That was a special treat for both of them to get to spend time together.

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