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Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Twenty-Six Year Tradtion

Twenty-six years ago, when I was 14 years old, my family started a tradition of going to the Oklahoma State Fair.  At that time, my sister and I, our parents, and one set of grandparents would go with us.  Later my husband joined the group, then my sister's husband.  Our grandma passed away in 1991, but after that my grandpa came some times. 

As each of our children were born, they were added to the "state fair" group.  But, due to distance, after my sister and her husband had children, they had to stop coming.  Then Grandpa passed away.  Now, the tradition continues with my husband and I, our four children, and my parents.  My husband and I missed the year our oldest was born because she was born during fair time.  My parents also missed one year when my dad was in the hospital, but we were still able to come for a day.

This year we saw Disney's Fantasy on Ice.  It was great!  The flowers above here were "growing", being blown up by air all around the ice rink.  They were made like the blow-up outdoor Christmas  decorations.
Almost every year we've seen the "Disney on Ice" show, but we've also been to the rodeo a few times, as well as the circus.  But, the ice show is our favorite.  Tonight's show was so cute with the cars above (from the movie "Cars").  It's amazing to see Disney's work in this show each year.  They pay so much attention to the details to make everything spectacular.

We've had good seats before, but never this good.  They were on the front row in the center section on the floor.  We always thought they were radio-give-away-type seats, but I guess not!  I asked my husband about it later and he said that when he sent in our order in June (they don't process them until July some time), he mentioned that after being at the shows for over 20 years, we had never had front row seats.  Well, it worked!  It was exciting!  (Even my Dad stayed awake during the whole show :)!!!) The front row seats were the same price as the ones we had gotten for many years, though...just better!  We thought he was joking about writing that on the order, but apparently not.  It never hurts to ask - IN A NICE WAY!

(This is from the afternoon...can't work the laptop to "move" pictures to get them in sequence tonight!) These are the two brave ones in the family - my husband and daughter.  They like the thrill of some of the rides.  My mom does not like these rides at all and really doesn't like watching them, either!  I don't want to ride them, but I'm okay with them riding (just don't expect me to!)

Sebastin from "The Little Mermaid" is a favorite any time he's on one of the Disney Ice shows.  It's one of my favorites, too.  They use black lights and blow lots and lots of bubbles!

Lightening McQueen and Pumba were favorites in tonight's show, as well.  It was amazing how the wart hog moved around...and to think there was a person in the costume doing all of that moving is amazing!

Of course nothing "Disney" would be complete without a visit from Mickey, would it?  The finale of the show was "Tinkerbell" making everything beautiful.  Flowers were everywhere and confetti fell from up high.

One of our favorite parts of the weekend is worship on Sunday.  This part has changed, too, because my parents leave on Saturday now (they have obligations at their home congregation).  We go to worship with my husband's brother, his wife, and their children in Edmond, then go eat lunch with them afterwards.  It's become another highlight in the weekend!

I've written before that traditions are important to me.  This is one family tradition that is important to all of us.  I know that as our children get older, there will be more and more conflicts that may cause this tradition to change....change, but hopefully not end.  Who knows, maybe some day I'll be coming to the Oklahoma State Fair with my own grandchildren!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

That's pretty neat! I think we overlook some things that are right under our noses! Glad it's been a fun tradition for you all for so many years...

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