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Monday, September 14, 2009

It Rained and Rained for.....

Well, so far here in Tipton it's rained for five days and maybe even five nights (I'm not exactly sure about the nights). There are two more days of rain in the forcast right now, so it looks like we may even get more. At our house, we've had close to three inches, which we really needed! Thank you, God!

When I think about continued rain, I always think about Noah. Today, I thought it would be fun to do a "Noah Quiz". It's something I've thought about before as I've taught little ones in Bible class, and it might be good for all of us to think about, as well. If anything, it gets us digging deeper into God's Word - and that's always a good thing!

I'll ask some questions and then give the answers below. Be sure to comment on the questions or answers, but also please take the time to search the scripture references for yourself.

1. True or False: The animals went in the ark two by two.

2. True or False: It rained for 40 days and for 40 nights.

3. Noah herded the animals onto the ark.

4. How many windows were in the ark?

5. How many people went into the ark?

6. True or False: Everyone on the outside of the ark died in the flood.

7. How long was water on the earth?

8. Noah sent a bird(s) out of the ark ______ times to see if the waters had gone.

9. What kind of bird(s) did he send?

10. If you were alive during that time, would you have been faithful like Noah and his family? Or would you have been one of those who perished in the flood?

1. Some did, but some didn't! Genesis 7:2-3

2. True. Genesis 7:12

3. No! The animals went to the ark! Even the animals obeyed God. I love that, don't you? Genesis 7:8-9

4. Only one window that opened, but the ark had an opening all of the way around, 18 inches from the top. Genesis 6:16; Genesis 8:6

5. Noah, his wife, his three sons (Ham, Shem, and Japheth) and their wives - 8 people in all. Genesis 7:13

6. True. Genesis 7:21

7. 150 days. Genesis 7:24

8. Four times. Genesis 8:6-12

9. Raven, Dove, Dove, Dove - Genesis 8:6-12

10. Only you can answer this question.

1 comment:

Jed Lovejoy said...

Lori, we must have sent all the rain your way. We have had absolutely beautiful weather this week. Some days almost felt hot when there wasn't a breeze!! It was a great blessing for our youth weekend. Not one drop of rain to spoil any of our plans.

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