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Saturday, September 12, 2009

And the winner is.....

This afternoon marked the end of our country fair. A few years ago the fair added a new pie contest as part of the fair. We've always been too busy with the kid's goats to have time to do pies, but this year my husband decided to give it a try.

He first began talking about making one or two on Labor Day, but I didn't really think he was serious. But the next day he mentioned some pie recipes he had found and was thinking about trying. By Wednesday, he had come up with four pies he was going to make. He even went shopping (the nearest early opening supermarket is 30 miles away)early Thursday morning before work to get his supplies.
He got a 1st place, two 2nd places, and the other we're not sure about (either 2nd or 3rd).

One of the pies he found was "Apple Crumb Pie". He didn't realize when he went shopping that he would need a disposable deep dish pie plate (it had to be disposable), but we had a round disposable one we thought would work. It looked really good as you can see in the picture. It came in 2nd in its class of "Fruit Pies", but one of the judges said it had the best flavor of any of the pies. It was 2nd only because it wasn't in a typical pie plate, but rather in a straight edged pan. It was so pretty cut! The layers of apples just lined up, without any juice coming out at all. I was waiting to take a picture of a cut piece with my husband holding it, but someone came up and bought the rest of the whole pie, so I missed it!

The neat thing about this pie contest is that these were the first pies my husband has ever made - and instead of just making one he made four! He can cook.  He knows how to make things, but he had never made a pie. So, that's pretty neat, I think! He also doesn't roll out the crusts. He just presses them into the pie plate, but they look really good.  He thinks rolling them out seems too hard and he makes it work - so that's just fine!

The recipe for this "Apple Crumb Pie" can be found here.  He just made another one of these pies for our church fellowship dinner tomorrow - in a glass deep dish pie plate!  Congratulations, Joe!


Sherri said...

That is great. Charles can cook too, but his attempt at pies last year were two very burned pecan pies and we had to have them for a fundraiser. I had to call in reinforcement and get a lady from church to make a couple of pies for me. That pie reminds me of one my dad has made and I have made a couple of times. It is a streusel topped apple pie. My very favorite is his French Apple Cream Pie...yum! Neat story!

Lori said...

That "cream" one sounds good! I couldn't make pies for a long time and still they're not my favorite to make. Cakes are so much easier and go further, too!

Phyllis and L.A. were judges and Phyllis really liked this one! She's the one that said it would have won. L.A. liked another one with strawberries Joe made. I'll post it on the other blog soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

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