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Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Birthday Party To Remember - Hawaiian, Italian, Fall, and No Noodles!

Back in the early summer Lauren decided she wanted a Hawaiian birthday party this year.  Because of her birthday being in September, she's had the full spectrum of temperatures for her parties.  One party I remember was 102 degrees!  Another one, I believe the next year or the year before that one, was in the 50's!  Really unpredictable.

I've been kind of funny about the kid's parties...not wanting them to repeat parties or not have the same party theme as a sibling had already had (that's getting hard with the 3 boys).  But, Lauren had a Hawaiian party six years ago and wanted the same again this year. I agreed.  Who could blame her?  All that Hawaiian and luau stuff is so cute!  Even though the party decor was Hawaiian,  Lauren's meal choice was Italian!  She chose:  Parmesean Chicken and Fettucine Alfredo.  I added Stick to Your Ribs Meatballs, green beans and Garlic Bread Sticks (I will post recipe for bread sticks on "Life's a Bowl of Cherries" Friday night).  To add to the Hawaiian and Italian flair, I had also decorated the house both inside and outside today with fall decor.  So, it was definitely an "ecclectic" look!

My mother-in-law (Grammy) made Lauren's cake.  Isn't it cute?  Tasted good, too!  There are lots of details in the cake that don't show up in the picture.  Little fish, shells, rocks, graham cracker "sand", and cinnamon stick poles.

The food was all out on the counter and the prayer for the meal had been said.  Everyone was getting up to fill their plates - buffet-style.  And... that's when I realized I had NEVER cooked the fettucine!!!  Everything was ready...Alfredo and spaghetti sauce, chicken, meatballs, green beans, bread...EVERYTHING!!!  Or so I thought!  But, all of a sudden I realized that I had NO NOODLES COOKED! 

I know what happened.  I remember thinking that the noodles always get sticky, so I was going to wait and do them right before everyone arrived; however, I forgot (obviously).  So, I promtly put on a large pot of water, boilded it, and cooked the noodles.  We were delayed about 20 minutes, but it wasn't too bad.  Since it was all just family and friends, it wasn't too embarrassing.  Plus they all know me and know that's just the way I am sometimes - a little (lot) goofy!

Back to the cake...The sign on the cake says, "Happy Birthday, Lauren", but in Hawaiian.  Interesting.  Wish I knew how to say it!

Lauren got this red "Kinsler" Texas Ranger's shirt from my parents for her birthday.  That's what she really wanted. She's a huge Texas Ranger's fan!  She even asked me to go look for her one on Monday when I went out of town and told me she would pay me back for it.  I already knew my parents had it for her, but did as she asked.....went to the store and looked.  They didn't have one, thankfully!

Tonight was a family party, but next week Lauren will have a slumber party and invite some of her friends.  That will be fun and I'll have more to say about that next week. 

It's really amazing how fast time goes.  It seems like yesterday we brought our new little baby girl from the hospital and now she's 15.  Lots and lots of memories.  Lots of laughs.  Lots of tears.  But, mostly, lots of love.

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27


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