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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

There's Always Tomorrow

For two weeks I did a strict food regimen of no flour and no sugar (NFNS).  I didn't intentionally get off of that at was just too hard to follow at a golf tournament and then when at the FFA Convention, I just didn't even try.  So now, a week later, it's hard to get back on track.

Yesterday morning and early afternoon, I was back on the NFNS plan, then jumped off the wagon again soon afterwards.  It's no wonder that the Disney song, "There's Always Tomorrow" popped into my head!  My body says:  It's time to get back to NFNS!  But my mind says:  There's always tomorrow!  It's a struggle.  A daily struggle.

But it makes me think:  Is there REALLY always tomorrow???  No.  Someday there will be no tomorrow.  Some day this earth will pass.  Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will come back to gather His children.  God will judge us.  There will be no more time.  No time for me to eat better.  No time for me to lose weight.  No time to tell someone else about Jesus. No time for those who haven't become His children to do so.  It will be too late.

None of the NFNS stuff will matter on that day at all.  It will only matter if I have lived a life in accordance with God's plan of salvation.

We sing another song at worship called, "Tomorrow May Be Too Late".  That's the song that makes more sense to a Christian and to a non-Christian because some day tomorrow will be too late.  It makes me think, does it you?  What is something I am putting off doing that I should be doing TODAY?  

The song in my mind today should change. Tomorrow may be too late should be my theme.  Will it make me eat better today?  Maybe so.  Maybe not.  But will it make me use my time to the glory of God more efficiently?  Absolutely!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Yes, don't put it off! (becoming HIS child) and also, I'm convinced that when we're empty nesters the dieting thing will be so much easier!

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