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Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's a Blue Ribbon Life - VBS Part 2

I thought I would share some of the other VBS rooms with you.  This room is the 4's, 5's and Kindergarten class.  
 It's really a cute room!
The fruit stand was a great addition.  Each student has a little can and I think they buy "Fruits of the Spirit" at the stand.  What a fun way to teach!
 This is adorable! Buckets with wooden planks for benches!
 This is the 2 and 3 year old room.  It is festive with the red and white striped banner and carnival type decorations all around. The teacher found a lot of things at Oriental Trading online.

 On the purple wall, there are attendance charts that she made. It's a hot air balloon type of craft she saw on the Oriental Trading site, but just made it herself to save money.
I thought the way she did this blue ribbon was especially cute! Her young daughter told her she needed stripes on the door, so she did it!  Looks great!
It's a Blue Ribbon Life theme all the way through!
My mother-in-law teaches the 3rd and 4th grade class.  She typically doesn't decorate with the theme, but rather just the Bible stories themselves.  As you can see, she does an excellent job of portraying the scenes!
 She made it to where her "Jesus" could be moved from scene to scene each day.
 I'm sure the children enjoy hearing the stories come to life on the walls of the room!
The 5th and 6th grade room has a theme of ribbons, plus each days' lesson.
The teacher concentrates on craft activities that drive home the lesson theme of the day and does a super job each year!
This age group is in the preteen group, so of course, their ideas need to be a little more mature.  And some of this age group may be thinking they're a little young for VBS!  So, to keep their minds learning and their attention turned toward the lesson of the day takes someone who knows what they're doing!  I prefer the younger ones, so it's not me :).

It's so interesting to give people a topic or theme, then see how their ideas come about in all different ways!  This just goes to show that we all have talents.  We're all different, but everything can come together for good - and for a good cause, such as VBS!

Don't be afraid to let your imagination go!  Don't think it "has" to be a certain way! Don't think your ideas have to match someone else's ideas!  You are unique.  It will show through in what you do, but you have to do something for that to happen.  That's the important part.  Just doing it!

Tomorrow I'll show some specific crafts and activities in each of the rooms.  I hope you're enjoying this "It's a Blue Ribbon Life" theme!  We sure are!
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