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Friday, May 31, 2013

It's a Blue Ribbon Life - VBS 2013 (Open House)

Because we only do a three day VBS, we don't buy the workbooks for each student.  Also, because of copyright laws, I don't copy out of the workbook sample we get.  However, there is plenty of lesson materials you can find online for free.  I really liked these "Garden of Gethsemane" posters. 
I found them and this "A Hero's Sandwich" (for the temptation of Jesus lesson) at this website.  There are some excellent materials there! I'm not sure if you have to register or not, but when I go there, I just have to click on "submit".  Maybe that's because I'm already a member and we purchase the whole curriculum a few years ago? Not sure, but almost all of the lessons are great - so be sure to take a look!
Danielle's Place is also a great place to find crafts, activities, and ideas for the lessons.  We have a group subscription so that all of our teachers can use it.  Another great paid site is Kid's Sunday School Place.
For added fun at our VBS Open House Wednesday night, I had these cute polka dotted balloons inflated with helium and tied to each chair. The children who attended got to take their balloons home with them.
Here's another room at VBS Open House.  These are "Fruit of the Spirit" booklets for the 4, 5 and Kindergarten age.
They had also decorated their own blue ribbons.
Here is a close-up of their fruit buckets I mentioned yesterday.  So cute!!
Decorated frames are always a great idea for an activity for the students.  A great keepsake of VBS each year!
 One teacher found these really cute "Fruit of the Spirit" totes at Oriental Trading.
These activities came from Danielle's Place.
After everyone tours the VBS classrooms, we have an annual Ice Cream Party.  Lots of fun for the kids and the adults!
It's a combination of VBS and celebrating the end of the school year.  What a fun time!
Yesterday was the end of our VBS.  I mention each year that it is also the end of my huge month of decorating.  I enjoy every bit of it and wouldn't change anything about it, but I can say that I'm always excited for today.....the last Friday in May each year! It means that we can sleep a little later, be a little less scheduled, and have extra family time with the absence of activities.
Oh, yes......there is one small thing left to do.  Clean out the Expedition that is full of decorations!

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