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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

She Did It! (Plus, how you can help a family in Oklahoma)

Before I post about graduation, I want to share this link.  This family used to live where I grew up, in a small, southwest Oklahoma town.  The dad of the little boy was in my class in elementary for a few years.  He and his family had moved to Oklahoma from Africa, where his parents were missionaries.  His dad was the church of Christ preacher in my little town.  If you would like to find out how to help this family who lost their middle son, Christopher, as well as their home, please click the link below.
SHE DID IT!!  She graduated from high school!  So proud of our daughter, Lauren, on this wonderful accomplishment!
My husband was recently appointed to the school board so was proud to be able to present Lauren's diploma to her last night.
As Salutatorian, Lauren had the opportunity to speak in front of her classmates and hundreds of guests in attendance.  Being a communications major who enjoys public speaking, she was excited about writing and presenting her speech.  She used something her Uncle James had done at a wedding and took a picture of the audience before the speech.  It was a cute thing to do, but also kind of made her more at ease before beginning.
She wouldn't let her dad or I read it.  I'm glad she didn't because it was so exciting to hear it for the first time and be extremely impressed with her ability to write a thoughtful, interesting, and sometimes funny speech!  We're her parents, so biased, of course, but she really did a great job and has has lots of compliments.  (Yes, we're proud :).  Of course I admit it! As her parents, we should be!
I snapped this cute picture of Lauren and her best friend.  I love it!
And here they are posing with their Valedictorian and Salutatorian sashes and medals on after they moved their tassels and were officially graduates.
This is the "throwing the graduation cap in the air photo" but unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture!  Hopefully someone else did!
A family picture (minus several that missed it) of those who attended graduation.
Lauren and our high school secretary, who, sadly, will be moving this summer.  Lauren has been her aide for an hour every afternoon and truly loves this special lady.  We all do!  We'll all miss her, especially her boss - our high school principal!!
Here we are with Lauren.....
....and here she is with her three brothers.

Congratulations, Lauren, and the THS Class of 2013!  We're very proud of you!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Great pics! Still crazy to me to see Zachary so tall!

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