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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Teacher of the Year Reception 2013

Last Friday was the Teacher of the Year reception for our school.  
 I used a zebra print theme in black, white and red for the main table.
 Even the cake was made to match, except the decorator misunderstood that it wasn't for a graduation and added a graduation cap! That's okay.  It didn't matter because it still looked great!
On the spur of the moment, I used this teacher quote in little jars on some of the tables.  I really liked what it said.
 These are the same candles I use for church events and for a dollar each at Dollar Tree, I easily get my money's worth.  They sit inside these glass vases and look great!
Since banners are a big thing now, of course it was appropriate to make one.
It's so easy to make things on your own now.  Hobby Lobby has many ready-made things, but also the supplies to do-it-yourself and pay very little for great results!
One of the teachers honored is a fan of fishing, so his table was decorated with a fishing theme.
 Another teacher is an OU fan. She also teaches math so I put some math problems on her board.
 The support person of the year is our school nurse, who also has a lot of other duties. It was fun decorating in the nurse theme!  My husband got these crutches for a special addition.
 I used band-aids to make her name.
 My husband also got this "barf bag" for her decor!!  YUCK!!! :)
And more nursing supplies.

It's always fun decorating for the "Teacher of the Year" reception, but this year I made myself "simplify" and not go overboard.  My age is catching up to me, I think!!  I need to sleep more than I used to (haha!)  So, it wasn't as much 'decorating' as I usually would have done, but it still looked good and probably no one noticed but me.  Then it was on to the church building to decorate for VBS!  So, I'd better go for now. Classes start in an hour!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I thought the nurse one was really cute!

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