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Sunday, June 5, 2011


It's official!  Our third child is now 13 and we officially have three teenagers in the house.  It is really unbelievable how fast children grow up, isn't it?  It seems just like yesterday we were rushing to the hospital (click here to read about that) to have that third little bundle of joy and now he's 13.
(Our four children with their little 2nd cousin, Levi) 

Jacob spent part of his birthday his baseball game and at some of his younger brother's game.  That is actually where he has spend most of his birthdays - at least for part of the day, anyway - just because of when his birthday falls.  I specifically remember him sitting in a tiny chair at his sister's t-ball game when he was two.  I remember him holding his fingers up showing his age!
For many years we have celebrated Jacob's birthday in mid-May.  Originally it was because his school friends were always too busy to come to his party in June, but were able to come when we had it before school was out. 
(Jacob with Texas Rangers pitcher Nolan Ryan's statue.)
Instead of having friends over, though, the last few years Jacob has just wanted to go to a Rangers' baseball game instead of having a friend party, so we've just done that as a family.  For his "real" birthday on June 4th (or close to that date) we have an extended family birthday party and have a hamburger/hot dog cook out.
Jacob wanted a golf-themed birthday cake.  Using the Wilton ball cake pan, but only making half of it makes it really easy.  The grass making icing tip makes a perfect backdrop for the golf ball.  This was the third golf cake I've done - one for each of my boys.  I used to insist that the didn't duplicate parties, but with three boys they eventually have had to duplicate.  It makes planning easy for me, so I can't complain!
I bought sparkler numbers instead of candles.  As we sang "Happy Birthday", though, Levi started crying.  The sparklers scared him!  Poor thing. Aunt Lori should have thought about that! (So sorry, Levi!)
Happy Birthday, Jacob!  We love you and we are proud of you in many ways.  It is exciting watching you grow up and we know that God has great plans for you.  Thank you for the example you are to others and for the special person you are in our family.  We are blessed to have you as a son!  

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