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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Army of THE One - VBS 2011 (Part 3)

Day two of VBS was the lesson of David and Goliath.  This isn't a very good picture of that wall, but you may can click on it and make it bigger to see the left wall.  
Goliath was standing with his feet spread apart in my picture and his head was at the top of the wall - so about 8 feet tall. If he had been standing with his legs together, his head would have been higher than the ceiling and closer to his over 9 foot real size. My 1st and 2nd graders were impressed with his size!
Just for fun, my daughter, Lauren (one of my helpers in class) measured each child to see how far up the giant they would stand.  They really liked that part!
After the Bible story, I had the kids throw "rocks" at Goliath.  Our "rocks" were chocolate marshmallows!  They loved this activity!  (This is my son, Tyler, "pitching" at Goliath!) Each person got three throws at the giant.  Lauren marked each child's best hit.
Samantha won the game by hitting Goliath in the eye.  The winner was the one closest to Goliath's forehead, just where David's rock hit the giant and caused him to die.
The kids made mock sling shots using a square piece of leather and two leather straps.  I cut small slits in each of the four corners of the leather squares.  The kids put the straps through the slits.
Here's a picture of the sling, though not very clear.  I also found little money bags at Mardel (Christian bookstore) that I gave each of the kids.  They were able to have five river rocks (Dollar Tree) to put into their bag.  They could put one in the sling, but were warned to NEVER USE IT!!  It was strictly an example and they understood. 
In the marshmallow throwing, I did give them the option of using the sling to hit Goliath.  Only Kaehlen took the challenge with one of his marshmallows!  He actually slung it pretty good!
The kids played a David and Goliath game, which I found on  I didn't even have to make it because my mother-in-law had made it for her class!  We just borrowed hers!  My helpers divided the kids into two groups and asked them questions about the story.  That's how the kids earned their turn in the game.
The kids made a David's Sling & Stones Snack Craft.  I've posted the recipe here, on my family recipe blog.

Tomorrow I'll post a Part 4 about the last day of VBS - The Armor of God.

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