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Monday, June 13, 2011

Black, White, and Robin's Egg Blue Wedding Shower

I've been super-excited to write this post and share these pictures with you!  Have I mentioned that one of my favorite things to do is decorate for weddings and showers????  (Probably every time I do a post like this, huh?? :)  This one was especially fun because I did it with a friend what has very elegant taste and also happened to have a lot of the decorative items in her home that worked with the color theme we were doing.
The bride and groom, Krystin and Cesar, are actually only using black and white for their wedding colors, but Linda decided to add a third color to the mix.  It definitely made this shower "pop" by adding in the third color for accent. (I'm a huge black and white fan, though.  My school's colors were black and white!)
The "C" and "K" initial wall hangings were clear, but not showing up too well on the table.  Linda had picked up some scrapbook paper in the robin's egg/black design and I cut it and backed the initials.  I also used a scrapbook frame I had at home to make the black/white photo of the couple match the decor, using the paper as a background and some scrunched up tulle in the bottom.
As a guest register, I took the scrapbook paper, attached it to a piece of cardboard, then topped it with an accent black sheet of paper and a printed piece of lined paper designed on the computer.  To hold it all together, I punched holes and tied a tulle bow.
We didn't have a square white tablecloth for this table, so each corner was tied with tulle.  It made it seem fancier than it was!
I enjoyed working with Linda because she thinks of things I wouldn't have.  For example, I wouldn't have added a new, different color with the fresh flowers.  I would have wanted everything to "match".  She suggested that I buy a different color - something that would stand out.  My children and I went to Wichita Falls and Sam's Club there had a beautiful selection of flowers.  I took her advice and went out on a limb with these orange flowers (though I did buy some white ones....just in case we needed them :).  The orange was BEAUTIFUL and she taught me a lesson in decor!
The white flowers did get used.  A few went for corsages, but the majority went in this black iron tiered basket (I got this on sale at Hobby Lobby the afternoon I went to Wichita Falls...$14.00!)  Cute!
After I got back from Wichita Falls, I walked in and Linda had arranged the gifts and made up a mock bed - just like they do in department stores!  It was sooooo neat!!
The bedding was a gift from the hostesses.  I wondered if the bedding would fit back in the bag after the shower.  It did!!
The shower was in the morning so brunch-type food was served.  Isn't cheesecake a brunch food??? :)  Yum!
I'm not pointing out the cheesecake again, but the pretty serving dishes Linda has in her collection.  Every serving dish was beautiful! 
Some of the serving pieces are in our fellowship building.  They are used for various church events.
As we were working on the shower Friday night, I thought of something that would be really neat for the coffee.  I have an antique silver and glass carafe with a candle warmer that was my grandma Sibyl's.  The only problem was that it was "mine" technically, but it was stored at my parents - in Altus - 30 minutes away.
I called my husband and told him I wanted to go get the carafe.  Guess what?? He volunteered to go get it for me!  Wasn't that sweet??!  It hadn't been used in over 20 years, so it needed some polishing.
One of the other hostesses cleaned it before the shower.  Isn't it beautiful?!  I was so excited to use it.  I remember being at my grandma's house and her having her extension club parties - using the carafe.  I thought it was the neatest thing and it was the one thing I told her I wanted some day.  She passed away in 1990 and wrote that the carafe was to be mine.  I'll be storing it here at home from now on.  I've made room for it and want to use it more in the future.
I made these little filo shell sausage and egg appetizers.  Here is the recipe (on my family recipe blog).
Linda ordered the black and white checked tablecloths.  Aren't they cute?  For showers she and I both like to put two long tables together.  It gives more decorating room.  One just isn't enough to do a whole lot!  Linda had the two lamps from her bedroom.  We both like to use a lot of boxes to make different levels for the decorations.
This wasn't a planned thing, but when I went home late Friday night after decorating, I decided to make this "Blessing Ring".  I had the ring in my craft closet and just happened to have a lot of black and white ribbon.  Each ribbon is looped onto the ring.  If the ribbon is a fraying-type, just knot the ends.  I "stole" these pictures off of the bride-to-be's Facebook page and copied them off...tying them to the ribbons.
This little note was attached to the ring.  I bought the ring at Walmart in the sewing section.  I'm not sure what it's actually for, but I bought it a long time ago with the intention of having my daughter make one of these for the county fair.  Oh, well, this worked out even better! Cards, pictures, and other items can be attached to the ring itself or to the ribbons.  The bride and groom (to be) mentioned taking it to their wedding reception.  I suggested that little blank notes be left on the tables and guests could write blessings for the couple, which could be added to the ring.
My photo of the tables where the guests were seated turned out blurry, but we used these glass vases and placed white candles in each one.  Black tulle bows were tied around the middle sections of the vases.  Each table had a white cloth, two pieces of paper (black and the same robin's egg blue/black print we used throughout the decorations) in the center, topped with the vases holding the candles.
Best wishes, Krystin and Cesar!  May God bless your upcoming marriage!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Love it. Esp the check table cloth! Unfortunately, our showers are pretty simple nowadays because we have so many. The food is rarely eaten so we do cookies and punch, sometimes cupcakes. I don't really like it but nothing I can do about it!

Anonymous said...

Great job, so cute and creative. I like the blessing ring.


Lori said...

Robin - I'm sure we wouldn't do this much if we had as many showers as you all do! It would be too hard, but I would be like you and miss having them.

Erika - Thank you!

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