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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Chronicles of Biscuit - Two Brown Shoes

This morning there were only three of us in the house getting ready for worship at Tipton.  My husband and son, Jacob, had left at 5:00 to go to Holdenville, OK, for my husband to speak to the church there about Tipton Home.  My daughter and her basketball team left early (at 6:00 a.m.) to worship in Perry, OK, before heading to basketball camp.  Everything went fine this morning and the two boys here got ready in record time.

I taught Biscuit's Bible class, not noticing anything odd about what he was wearing.  However, right after worship, one of his teenage friends asked him about his brown shoes.....two DIFFERENT brown shoes! Biscuit said that he couldn't find the matches to either one, so he just wore one of each!  Well, of course! Makes sense, I suppose?!!

Later, when Biscuit's daddy got home I was telling him about the shoes.  I said, "Biscuit, you are unique!" He asked, "Am I more unique than the others?" I answered truthfully, "Yes. Yes, you are."  That made Biscuit happy!  I'm not sure he's understanding my meaning :).

A while back I wrote about being unique as a Christian - being different, standing out.  That type of uniqueness is what God wants us to be.  Biscuit's uniqueness is fun because it sets him apart from others. Sometimes it's in a funny way - such as wearing two different shoes and not thinking anything about it. Sometimes it's in a serious way - such as when he says something that he has been thinking about - some deep thought that we wouldn't think about.  He's unique.  I'm thankful he is, too!

God made Biscuit unique.  In fact, God made each of us unique in one way or another.  Not all of us will wear two brown shoes out in public, but we can all find ways to let our uniqueness bring joy to others and find ways to glorify God.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

LOL...I know some ladies that have done that by mistake but they were pretty embarrassed!

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