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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oops! - Tales from VBS 2011

When I was first told that our Vacation Bible School (VBS) theme would be Army of THE One, I heard the stories that we were supposed to teach, but didn't remember what they were.  All year, from time to time, I would ask the director the lessons we would be teaching.  The only one that I ever could remember (because I never wrote them down) was David and Goliath.

As time for VBS neared, I made it a point to ask again and tried my best to remember it.  By then I was remembering them as I thought they were:  David and Goliath, Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, and the Armor of God.  We had a teachers meeting a few weeks ago and someone mentioned Gideon. In my mind Gideon was a lesson that was being done, but it wasn't one of the original lessons we were supposed to be teaching. 

This past weekend I decorated my classroom - getting ready for the three-day VBS this week.  Little did I know that I was the one teaching the complete wrong lesson!  There was a VBS invitation on Facebook, but I never read it (thinking I KNEW all I needed to know) and just quickly clicked on "attending" at the link.

We were supposed to teach the three lessons in chronological order, so it would have been Joshua's story first, then David's, then the Armor of God.  Tuesday morning was the first time I realized there was a problem - some were teaching David and Goliath Monday, then Gideon Tuesday.  Wait a minute!!  Gideon???  Why Gideon???  It was only then that I realized my mistake!  I was the ONLY one teaching Joshua - not just Monday, but at all!!  OOPS!!

I felt bad about teaching the wrong story, but I remember several years ago teaching both of those lessons in my four and five year old Bible class.  The stories are similar.....well they are in my mind:  God helped both men, there were horns blown, and people marched.  Similar....but different;  however, the main idea - that God helps us win our battles just as he did for Joshua and Gideon - is the same.  My 1st and 2nd grade students loved the lesson that day, they learned about God and His Word and that's all that matters.  I learned that I can't rely on my own brain because sometimes it fails me!! :)

Note:  I'm having major computer issues, so can't post all of the VBS pictures I want to.  As soon as I have time I'll fix that problem (if my brain allows me too, that is!) :)  No, I'll ask God to help me use the resources available to me and rely on their brain and HIS power.....even in this computer problem.  That sounds like a better plan!

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