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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Part 2 - The Chronicles of Biscuit - Bread and Water

Read Part 1 here.

The Chronicles of Biscuit - Stories about our youngest son, Tyler, whose nickname is Biscuit.

Well, if you remember my "Let it Snow!" post, I was all excited about our big snow storm coming.  We got several inches, but not as much as was expected; still, though, enough came down early in the morning that school was canceled and the kids were home all day.  But the day went from "Boys Just Wanna Have Fun" to "Boys Just Want to Argue"!

It was way too cold and windy to play in the snow yesterday, so the boys played in the house.  They also helped their sister and I clean and straighten the house for awhile.  Things would go smoothly with the boys' play time and then I would hear arguing.  I would put on my "referee" suit when needed, then all would be back to normal.

Later on in the afternoon, as I was cleaning in the kitchen, I knew Biscuit and one of his brothers were wrestling in the living room, but it wasn't too rough at the time, so didn't say anything. A little bit later I heard Biscuit crying and yelling that his brother had caused him to hit the edge of the ottoman. He was holding the left side of his forehead and eye area.  His glasses were off and he was holding his face.  I thought he'd hit his eye.  I'm very over-protective about his eyes, especially, because he has a history of glaucoma. 

Eventually he let me look at his eye and head and everything looked okay, though I know it must have hurt.  The brother explained that it wasn't on purpose and handed me Biscuit's glasses, which were all bent up.   I told the two boys that they couldn't play together the rest of the day (which only amounted to a couple of hours).   I was a little frustrated that all three had argued off and on all day, and although this problem was an accident, it was just the rough-housing getting too out of hand. And on top of that, now Biscuit's glasses were all messed up. 

I got the glasses screwdriver and some pliers and went to working on the glasses frames...trying to straighten them.  Then the lens popped out.  I could feel myself getting more and more frustrated!  And then, you will never guess what happened.  I heard Jacob yell at his brother, "Don't kick me!"  I jumped up and headed to the living room and asked what had happened.  Biscuit had gotten up out of the chair, walked over to Jacob and kicked him!!!  That is something that we just don't allow and I can't think of many times it's ever happened and now all of these things are happening in one day!!!

Back to the bedroom Biscuit and I went.  He received the spanking he most certainly needed and deserved. (Don't worry if you're not one who believes in spanking.  My children are very aware and totally understand the difference between spanking in relation to discipline and hitting/kicking/etc.)

Okay. Back to the glasses and frames.....I tried and tried to get the teeny, tiny little screw back into place, before finally realizing the screw had fallen out completely. 
Have you ever looked for a little teeny, tiny glasses frames screw? 
It was no where to be found.  So, my frustration grew even more as I realized I would be making an unplanned trip to Altus the next morning to get them fixed.  UUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!

I'm not so sure they work for disciplining children, but they work wonders for moms!  I retreated to my bedroom and sat down at the computer desk.  I told the boys to begin taking their showers before their dad got home from work.  Although I would NEVER, EVER do this, I thought to myself, "If those boys argue one more time, I'm telling them that their supper is going to be bread and water!"  Take food away from my boys and you've got some really sad boys!  I kind of laughed inside thinking about the "prison" meal I'd thought of - yet would never have done.

Biscuit took his shower first - in the bathroom by our room.  Jacob went in to the bathroom for something and I heard the sweetest thing:  Biscuit said, "Jacob, I'm sorry I kicked you."  Wow!  An apology from Biscuit to his brother....all on his own!  Then Jacob said, "I'm sorry I pushed you." (My mind was thinking ....."PUSHED" said it was an accident and now you said pushed.....but my heart was still touched because they were apologizing to each other without any prodding from me).  Later all three of them apologized to me for the way they had argued throughout the day. (sweet)

As Biscuit got out of the shower, dripping wet, but with the towel wrapped all around himself, he came over to me crying.  He said, "Moooommmmm, would you be so kind to feed us supper?  Would you give us more than bread and water?"  I couldn't believe it!  Why would he have even asked a question like that?  And even more important, how did he know that the same little evil thought had entered my mind for a short second just minutes before?!

I really, really think God was working in that whole situation!!! 
I asked Biscuit today why he asked about bread and water.  Why would he have ever thought I would feed them that?  I've heard that prisoners eat it (don't know if it's true) but he doesn't watch anything that would have said anything like that.

He said, "That's just the worst meal I could ever think of!"

Little did Biscuit know that during his shower and immediately after my "bread and water" thought, I had texted their daddy and asked if he would take them to Sonic to eat after he got home.

I printed off some Sonic coupons, my husband took the boys to Sonic, Lauren worked in her room, and Mommy got her TIME OUT! :)

Note:  I found this verse, which is very fitting (and quite interesting!) in relation to this post:
A meal of bread and water in contented peace is better than a banquet spiced with quarrels.
Proverbs 17:1


Anonymous said...

How WONDERFULLY our God uses our worst experiences to bring out His all -powerful presence and healing.

Your family is BLESSED to have the Lord of love rule in your home.

A banquet or bread, either way, with Jesus at the head is a glorious event!

How blessed I am to read your totally honest, heart-revealing, Christ-honoring blog.
Thank you for your faithfulness to your family and taking time to blog every day.

Lori said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I truly appreciate them.

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