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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Chronicles of Biscuit - Part 1 "Boys Just Wanna Have Fun"

Yes, I know that Cindi Lauper's song was "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", but so do boys, right?  Or so Biscuit told me last week.

The Chronicles of Biscuit - Stories about our youngest son, Tyler, whose nickname is Biscuit

Biscuit and his two brothers were playing outside last Friday. They were so excited because the snow had finally melted off of the driveway enough where they could play basketball.  Well, not long into the game, Biscuit came in crying.  He managed to get out of his mouth the fact that his brothers were making fun of him because he was crying getting beat.  I told Biscuit to remind the two brothers, that only last year did they stop crying about getting beat in Liverpool (a type of Rummy card game our family plays a lot) sometimes.  He was rather pleased with the ammunition he has to use against his brothers.  Apparently it worked because play time resumed.  I was pleased for the moment, as well.  I didn't even have to go outside and referee!

Not even fifteen minutes later, here came Biscuit again - CRYING!  This time one of the boys had hit him in hard with a snowball and it really hurt. This time mom was not so gentle.  This time mom HAD to be the referee.  Biscuit wears glasses.  The snowball could have hit his glasses and hurt them or hit his face.

I went outside and began scolding the brother who threw the snowball.  As I explained the problem - the head being hit, the glasses being hit, the eyes possibly being hit - the snowball-throwing brother began to explain the situation further.  Apparently he only threw the snowball because Biscuit had hit him in the head with one first.

"Oh, really?", I asked.  I turned my attention to Biscuit once again.  "You didn't tell me you hit Jacob in the head with a snowball first.  That's why he hit you, isn't it?", I asked.  Biscuit stammered through tears again and said, "Yeeeeahhhhhh....bbbbuuuttttt....we were just trying to have some fun!!" It was just pitiful and funny all at the same time!

I talked to them all a little bit about safety and getting along, then walked back towards the garage.  As I was going I began singing in my head, "Boys Just Wanna Have Fu-un".

I love my boys :).  They have fun and they are fun! 

Part 2 tomorrow: The Chronicles of Biscuit:  Bread and Water.

1 comment:

Wa Wa Waughs said...

You know that's so light compared to a lot of sibling problems. They are fortunate to have you around to "referee!"

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