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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hooked on Words

Recently my children would laugh any time someone used the word focus.  I eventually had to put a stop to the laughter when I began seeing them look at each other and almost break out in hysteria when the preacher would happen to use the word - which sometimes the preacher was their daddy!

I asked about why the word "focus" was so funny.  They explained that one of their teachers, Mr. G.,  would use that word a lot and always had hand motions to go with the word.  His hands would be on either side of his head and as he said the word, he would thrust his hands forward, thus causing laughter (hopefully contained laughter) from his students. I kind of get the humor in that, don't you??

This whole scenario made me think of my own school days.  In 6th grade, my three best friends and I sat in four seats on the two back rows of math class.  The teacher called us the "four corner girls".  He used the word "simply" all of the time.  In fact, we began to keep track of how many times a day he used it.  My mom happened to teach on the other end of the school - the grade school end (it was a very small school - K through 12th grade in one building - end to end.).  I had told my mom about how we were keeping track of Mr. M and apparently she mentioned to him - all in fun, I'm sure.  One day, as he lectured and used his favorite word, 'simply', Mr. M asked us, "Girls, did you get that one?"  We we shocked and embarrassed!  He knew we were counting his uses of  'simply'!  It seems like after that we didn't count as much any more.  Maybe he didn't use it as much any more, either.

Do you ever get hooked on words?  Certain words?  I think we probably all do at times.  My children point out to me if I over-use a word.  I think the last one they mentioned was "really"!  Really?  Do I really use 'really' that often??? :)

Jesus seemed to be hooked on a certain word in the Bible.  I think it seems like Jesus was hooked on the word 'love', don't you?  But, I don't think Jesus would be laughed at for using the word 'love' so much.  I don't think he would be mocked by demonstrating how to love.  I don't think a tally would have been kept on how many times he used the word.  No, I think his abundant usage of the word, 'love', shows us just how important it is in our Christian walk.  Jesus himself is love.  He gave his whole life of service and then even his life in death - because of love.

What would the world be like if every one of us were hooked on the word 'love'?  Let's give it a try.  Let's, you and I:

SIMPLY (Mr. M's word)......FOCUS (Mr. G's word).........
ON LOVE (Jesus' word).

Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' – Matthew 22:37-39

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

LOVE it! My husband hates the word, "brainstorm" and when I used it years ago he didn't know what it meant. Now it is used in his conference calls a lot! My kids laugh at me when I say something is "defunct" as in a business or restaurant.

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