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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Traditions and Celebrations

Today in our little southwest Oklahoma town of about 900 people, there were three big events happening all at the same time. The events brought many visitors to our community, plus got many hometown people out of the house and right in the middle of town for some of the day.

The Centennial Celebration began yesterday and included several special events. It's too bad these types of celebrations only happen once every 100 years! The Tipton Fair was also held this weekend in conjunction with the Centennial Celebration.

Besides these two events was a 64 year old annual celebration at Tipton Home, called "Fun Day". "Fun Day" began 64 years ago when the Southwest church of Christ in Oklahoma City began to bring a day of fun to the children living at Tipton Home. (Note: Tipton Home is a children's home here in Tipton, Oklahoma.) Every year a group from that congregation comes in cars, trucks, and vans with games, blow up slides, and lots of prizes and food for all of the children and staff of Tipton Home. My husband's parents were houseparents at Tipton Home for 12 years (when he was 3 - 15 years old.)so he remembers lots of years of "Fun Day". Now he works at Tipton Home so we also attend the annual event.

Today over 65 people came from that Oklahoma City congregation to host "Fun Day". It's always amazing how much time and how much work this congregation puts in to this event each year. The children have so much fun, and it's one of the biggest highlights of their year.

Celebrations are special. They are a time for remembering the past and looking forward to the future. It's neat when a small town is able to have events like the ones held today. It's a great time for everyone whether they are residents or just visiting for the day.

Traditions are special, too. Our family is big on traditions. If there is something we've done for years and years, our children EXPECT it done - and without changes! But, my husband and I want it that way, too. That's what makes holidays and birthdays even more special - the traditions that go along with them. However, the traditions in my family wouldn't mean anything to you and your family. You have your own traditions that mean something to you or your family.

Fun Day at Tipton Home is a very special tradition. The 63 year old tradition carries on because one congregation makes it a priority to keep that tradition. That group of Christians is committed to keeping the tradition going and for that we thank them! It is a special day for the Southwest congregation, but also for all of those involved with Tipton Home.

This morning many of us will gather together to worship God all over the world. Worship is a celebration. Christians worship God, and we also celebrate the fact that God gave us Jesus as our Lord and our Savior! Sunday is a special day for Christians everywhere. Of course our worship shouldn't just be on this one day, but every day of our lives. Worshipping God and Jesus is the best tradition you and your family could ever have! It is a tradition that should never stop!

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Teresa said...

Traditions are so important in our family too! Even though my kids are 22 and almost 18, on Christmas Eve, we still leave Oreo's and Mountain Dew. It has to be both of those with no exception. When they were little, oreo's were their favorite, and they were also afraid with Santa's busy schedule, he would get too tired. They knew Mt. Dew keeps mom up, so it had to work for Santa too!

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