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Monday, August 10, 2009

Is My Mom Cupid?

I'm wondering if my mom is really "Cupid". You may wonder, too, after you read this! Why? Because, in September, it will be three years since my mom made a suggestion to someone that has since changed the lives of many.

(All names have been changed in this true story.)

It first started when a young man, "John", moved to the town where my parents live and began worshipping with them. He was from the other side of the state, but moved to town to play baseball for the junior college there.

My mom was impressed with the young man - for his attitude and his Christian example. She thought about my niece, "Sally" (no relation to her, but on my husband's side). She called and asked Sally if she could give her phone number to this young man. Then she asked John if she could give him a phone number of someone he might be interested in meeting. John said yes! And, although the two young people were four hours apart and at different colleges, they began talking on the phone and then eventually met and started dating. And, as they say....the rest is history! John and Sally married last summer and recently celebrated their first anniversary together.

Not only did Mom play "Cupid" in this relationship, but it also led to something else. During the first summer that John and Sally were dating, they were counselors at church camp together. While at camp, John was introduced to a friend of Sally's, named Jenny. Jenny was a counselor that week at camp, too. John thought of his friend, Ben, who was living on the other side of the state. He told his friend Ben about Jenny. Well, guess what? Ben and Jenny also married last summer, two weeks after John and Sally's wedding!

Which leads me to the third thing that makes me think my mom may be "Cupid". I just finished enrolling all four children in school about 30 minutes ago. Our junior high principal is a family friend. Her husband grew up here, but he left after high school and hasn't lived here since. Now they're moving back, after over 25 years! But, she just told me something really neat: Her oldest daughter, Mary, is dating a guy named Mark and has been all summer. And guess what? Ben and Jenny are the ones who set Mary up with Mark! They knew both of them, but the two didn't know each other.

Now, we don't know what is going to happen in the relationship of Mary and Mark, but it's just kind of neat.

I keep telling my mom she should go into business, like eHarmony or something like that. You never know!

Seriously, I know my mom really isn't "Cupid", but I do believe she has a "knack" for getting to know people and find out about them like many do not have. I also know she doesn't get to know them to be nosey nor is she a busy-body. She does it because she really cares about people. She takes the time to listen to them.

We all talk to people every day, but do we really "listen" to them? Think about all of those you come in contact with every day or at least every other day. What are their needs? What are their concerns? What is happening in their life? Do you know? Do you care? The typical conversation is like this: "Hi. How are you?" Other person: "Fine, thanks."

What if it was like this: "Hi. How are you?" Other person: "Not very good. I'm having a hard time today." What would be your next response? Do we really want to know how someone is doing when we ask? If we're truthful, a lot of the time, we really don't want to know...we're just being polite by making small-talk with them.

I am grateful that my mom takes the time to care for and care about others. I am grateful she takes the time to listen. We all should do the same. It's a great example of what a Christian is supposed to be.

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Casey said...

Wow, that is just amazing. It is so amazing that your mom gets to know people so well that she can set them up and then pass that piece of kindness along. IT seems like you have a wonderful and loving mom and are very lucky. Congrats to all of the couples that got hooked up, and yes your mom should be on eharmony or something.

Helene said...

I'll sign up with mom :-)I've been divorced since 85 and have given up. The stories I could tell :-)God and I have been at odds over this one over the years:-)

Amy Lynne said...

How sweet! Your mom sounds like a very neat lady!

The Woodall family said...

Wow! That is amazing! I guess it was all in the Lord's plan:)

Lori said...

Thanks, everyone. I enjoyed reading your comments.

Have a great weekend!!

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