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Monday, August 31, 2009

Connections - Blogs and Facebook

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Isn't it amazing how connected we are these days?  Through the internet we are able to communicate with each other more than we ever could have dreamed of 20 years ago. 

I am especially grateful for the blogosphere which allows me the opportunity to "meet" so many new people all over the world.  I'm also grateful  for Facebook, which helps keep friends connected.  Some Facebook friends I've known for a long time and some only for a short time.  But, it's great to have the capability to communicate with so many of them in this way.  In our busy and hurried lives, it's nice to be able to sit down and jot someone a quick note of encouragement or to find out about what is going on in their lives.  The internet has brought a whole new way of keeping in contacting with each other and seeing into their lives via pictures and notes. The social aspect of the internet isn't for everyone and I'm sure it's not all used for good, either. But, from my vantage point, it's good.  Of course, many aren't interested in having a part of it, and that's okay.  (My husband is one of them :) although he doesn't mind if I'm on it.) We're all different - God made us that way.

I first got on Facebook right after the New Year and made a promise to myself:  If I was going to be on it, I was going to use it for good - to encourage others, to reach out to others, and to glorify God.  Many times I post a scripture on the status line.  Maybe it's a scripture that I've thought about during the day or maybe it's something I feel would help one of my "friends".   Many of my "friends" are uplifted by the scriptures.  If I can tell that someone is having a bad day by what they write on Facebook, I try to encourage them.  It's a whole new way of reaching out to others and a way to "Shine Like Stars".   And, in turn, my online friends encourage me, too.  It's great!

Connections through the blogospher continue to amaze me.  Jesus said, "go into all the world" and now the blog is another way of doing that!  But, when I began this blog, it was for selfish reasons, really.  Of course I wanted to glorify God in what I was doing, but I also wanted to do it for me.  I had just finished six years of teaching a ladies Bible class and missed it quite a bit.  I needed something to fill that void in my own life, so made the blog a goal for myself.  I knew that would help me think more about God in everyday life and keep me digging into His Word even more.  But, it didn't take long until my selfishness went away.  I then began writing for YOU.  I felt accountable to everyone that visited "Shine Like Stars" and read my posts...and I still do!  I want you to keep me accountable!   I pray that this blog has glorified God, but also that it has encouraged you.

Another connection made by the blogosphere is a recipe blog my mom, sister and I started in June.  It has been fun for all three of us and we've enjoyed sharing our recipes with so many of you.  If you haven't seen it, go to "Life's a Bowl of Cherries".  We would love to have you stop by! 

What are you grateful for today?


Amy Lynne said...

I love Facebook too! I was able to reconnect with people I haven't talked to in 15 years! The blogosphere has been a great, supportive discovery for me also! Great post!

Melissa said...

I'm not on Facebook, but I couldn't agree more about the blogosphere. I love the support and friendship of the community.

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