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Friday, August 21, 2009

Fun Times in High School

Our daughter, Lauren, is a Freshman in High School this year. The big deal about that is that the students are allowed to leave campus for lunch once they're Freshmen. It has been fun having her come home for lunch everyday. Usually my husband has already gone back to work from his lunch break, so we have some time together - just the two of us. That doesn't happen very often!

Lauren and I decided that it would be fun to cook lunch for some of her friends once a month. Today was our first luncheon, and Lauren invited four girls to come over this time. My husband picked the girls up while I finished the meal preparations. She'll invite more sometimes and less sometimes, and maybe we'll even invite the whole class. There are only 24 of them, so it wouldn't be too many. They could walk, too, because we're only a few blocks from school.

Today's menu was lasagna, green beans, garlic bread, and brownies. You can find the brownie recipe here at "Life's a Bowl of Cherries" (a recipe blog of my mom, my sister and I). A funny thing happened during the luncheon. I had put some dry lemonade mix in a bowl with a spoon, so if the girls wanted to make their cups of water into lemonade. Unknown to us, one girl had thought it was Parmesean cheese and had sprinkled it all over her lasagna! I guess she hadn't taken a bite yet because Lauren asked, "Is this Parmesean cheese?" I said, "No. It's lemonade mix." The girl who had already used it gasped and said, "Oh, no! I put it all over my lasagna!". We all got a kick out of that! Of course we made her another plate of food. I can't imagine what that would have tasted like! YUCK!

It was great hosting the teenage girls. They were so appreciative of the home-cooked meal during the rushed school lunch time (only 25 minutes). It was fun to hear them talk and laugh together. I look forward to hosting teens in my home for the next many years as Lauren and her three brothers go through and into high school. I've added it up and we'll have someone in high school for the next 12 years....lots and lots of meals!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


A.Marie said...

That would be so fun to have my son and his friends come to my house for lunch, but, our school has closed campus.

A few years ago, there was so much trouble with the teens leaving for lunch and not coming back, or coming back "under the influence," that the administration decided that a closed campus would be the best route to take.

So, my son is stuck eating the school lunches for the next few years! (he is in 10th grade!) :)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Lemonade lasagna....sounds interesting! That's great! I am looking forward to having WEston and his friends over soon! Thinking I'll do Wednesdays again....

Anonymous said...

What a fun and neat idea! I'm enjoying your blog and really appreciate the way you bring God into almost all of your posts.

Laura Collinsworth
Pueblo, CO

Lori said...

A. Marie - Unfortunately there have been some problems with the open campus lunch here, too, but not to the extent they are considering closing it (yet, anyway). Maybe your school lunches aren't too bad there!! :)

Robin - I knew you had them over (another stolen idea from you :)!!). Do you do it weekly? I thought you did. I'll stick with once a month for now...might "up" it someday :).

Laura - Thank you for your visits! I appreciate your comments very much.

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