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Saturday, August 22, 2009

50th Anniversary Celebration

This picture is of my husband's family - minus one brother-in-law and one of the grandchildren. In May of 2008, my in-laws celebrated their 50th anniversary. Instead of a party or a reception, they wanted to celebrate this milestone with a family vacation. Usually the Waugh side of the family is only all together once a year - at Thanksgiving - sometimes twice (Christmas or New Year's). However, due to conflicts the past few years with some of the grand kids, it had been a few years since everyone had been all together. This was a special time we all planned on for about two years. The family trip was scheduled for Crested Butte, Colorado, in December of 2008.

There are six children in my husband's family (four boys and two girls) and seventeen grandchildren (plus at that time three of them were already married - now four of them are!). The furthest away live in Nashville, so it was quite a drive from there to Crested Butte, Colorado! Others family members came from Montana, from work in Connecticut, from college in Arkansas, and also from Texas. Most came from Oklahoma. There were 32 of us in all that made the trip.

Each sibling family signed up to cook for breakfast or an evening meal. We rented a hostel, so all of us were able to stay in the same place. There was a huge living room and kitchen area, which gave us plenty of space to talk, eat, and play games. The Waugh families "main" games are Liverpool (a type of rummy), "42" (dominoes), and Farkle (a fun dice-rolling game!). Of course skiing and snow tubing were highlights of the trip!

The most special time of the trip was Sunday morning worship. It was held in the large living area and the singing was beautiful. I really wish we had recorded it! Many of the grandsons led songs and the harmony gave all of us chills! The chills went to tears as my brother-in-law, James, preached the sermon. My father-in-law, three of the Waugh brothers, one brother-in-law, three of the grandsons, and one grandson-in-law preach full-time, part-time, or are in ministry in another area, so any of them could have preached that day. But James talked about my in-laws and their life together, but most of all for the Christian example they had been for the whole family for so many years. He said just what needed to be said that morning. It was a great time of worshipping God together as a family.

Other fun events were a "mock" wedding for my in-laws, a talent show featuring many of the grand kids, and a slide show with pictures from their 50 years together. It was a great celebration and time together as a family. We all look forward to getting together again soon...Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! (I think that's why I thought to do this post...I'm hungry for turkey and dressing :).....)

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